Sports Betting

Currently, I am right in the middle of watching the Sunday night football game. There is nothing like this time of the year! You’ve got to love the overlap of the baseball and football seasons, the weather is still comfortable outside, the leaves are changing color, it’s basically just a great time to be a man. 

Today was a very laid back day for me. Other than watching football, I haven’t done much. Though I am from New York City, I have always resented the fact that both the Jets and the Giants play in New Jersey. Thus, my team is the only true New York team, the Buffalo Bills. I was easily pursuaded of this view point by a friend of mine in elementary school, and have stuck by this solid logic ever since. Also, the Bills have the coolest logos on their helmets, and is that really any more of a reason to like a team than the fact that you grew up in the area? Don’t let that reasoning fool you, I’m a fan, or at least as much of a fan as I can be considering I don’t get very many of my games televised. 

While I am a Bills fan first, I am a football fan second. Since I didn’t get a chance to watch the game that my team pulled out today (2-0 baby!), I did get a chance to watch a couple of other games, and I decided that I am going to place some bets on the games.

I think that sports betting is something that I would like to get into as a hobby. I trust my self control, so I’m not really worried about going overboard and getting addicted. I’m more worried about my actual ability to pick winners. Anyway, today I hopped on to and loaded up $330 into my account to place some bets. This is the first time I have bet on games, but it’s something that’s been on my mind for a long time, so I figured I’d jump right in.

I placed 3 bets today. Bet #1, San Diego vs Cleveland, under 46. That was a big mistake, that line got totally blown out. I had $55 placed on the game, with odds of -110. Bet #2, under 43.5. The game’s not over yet as I’m writing this, but I’m definitely going to win that bet based on the fact that the score is 10-3 right now with 9 minutes left in the game. so that puts me down about $5 on the day, not terrible. The other bet that I have is a parlay on the Pats/Jets game and the Dallas/Philly game. I teased up 6 points, allowing me to pick the Pats +5 and the Cowboys -0.5. Pats came through, so we’ll see how that one works out. I’m optimistic though. I put down $110 on the parlay with the same odds, so i could be up a good chunk of change if Dallas wins tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.


***** Update: I’ve placed an over bet on the Dallas/Philly game tonight. The line is 46.5. *****


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