NFL Bets: Week 3

Alright so after a very successful first week of betting, I am all geared up for my second try. I made over $150 last week, very sweet if I must say so myself. Can I repeat? Beginner’s luck? We’ll see, but I’ve got to believe that if I’m picking 2-3 games to bet on in a week I should be able to pick a winner, right? Especially using a 6pt teaser to get rid of unfavorable spreads. Anyway, we’ll see how it pans out. Here are my bets:

Dallas to win: -3.0 point spread, payout is -115, but playing against the packers this is not going to be a close game. The packers are definitely not as good as their record or points total, and Dallas is on a mission.

Parlay with 6 point tease- Colts over Jags. Spread is -5.5 so my tease gives me +0.5. That’s a no brainer. Ravens over Browns. Spread is -2.5 but with the tease I’m getting 3.5 points which I feel pretty good about. The Ravens still have a great defense, and they don’t have a quarterback with a dislocated shoulder like the steelers did last week.

I haven’t had much of a chance to right on this blog because I have been on a business trip, but at some point over the next couple of days I will definitely get to new awesome posts.


7 Responses to “NFL Bets: Week 3”

  1. Lance Says:

    Cool, I love sports betting. I think the Pack are the real deal, they have a D that’s gonna harass Romo, and Rodgers will keep rolling. I’m taking GB to win at home outright at +135.

    I like the over on the Bears/Bucs game (35).

    No need to tease Colts/Jags, Jags have no o-line and Colts want a makeup win at their new digs. Colts win this one by 10, at least, and I’ll lay the points.

    Upset special: I’m also taking Panthers (+3.5) and Cards (+3) to win straight up.

  2. hammer86 Says:

    Lol you’re so wrong about the packers. They have beaten Minnesota and Detroit, neither of whom are the real deal this year. Dallas has a better pass rush game than Green Bay has dealt with thus far, as well as a better secondary. Their special teams this year are incredible, which will consistently set them up for great field position.

    I also don’t like your over pick on the Bear/s Bucs game. They both have great defenses, so I like the under, but 35 is a really low line. I’m not betting it because those two defenses have the ability to score 2 TD each. It’s not a sure enough thing in my mind.

    I decided to tease the colts game because I really hate spreads and the colts are not looking like themselves thus far this season, not to mention that I wanted to tease the Ravens/Browns.

    I like your pick of the panthers, but I think that the Redskins are way better than anyone’s giving them credit for. Keep in mind that they’ve lost to a Super Bowl Giants team and beaten a re-invigorated Saints team.

    Anyway, things are going to be interesting this week. I’m probably going to put down a couple more bets before gametime, but good luck with everything. You’re making some ballsy picks, I hope they work out for you.

  3. Lance Says:

    Cool, we’ll tally it up tonight. I’m not putting any money out there today…I usually do picks on paper for a couple of weeks until I feel like I’m in groove, then I throw $10 or $20 per game.

  4. hammer86 Says:

    Ah, gotchya. I’ve got 115 on the cowboys and 110 on the parlay. I also just laid down 55 on the under for Arizona/Washington and the over on Saints/Broncos.

  5. Lance Says:

    Ugly. That’s all I can say about my picks. I got the over on the Bears/Bucs, but blew everything else:
    Pack LOSS
    Cards LOSS
    Panthers LOSS
    Colts LOSS

    Pack weren’t horrible but they were definitely outgunned by the Boys.

    So that’s 1-5, not good. I guess it’s good I did that week on paper, although I’m feeling good about MNF and looking to recoup a bit of wagering karma. Jets are +8.5. Favre will have a good game, there will be a couple of turnovers, but in the end SD wins by 3 at home. I like the Jets and the points.

    I also like the over (44) on this one and will parlay with the above bet.

  6. hammer86 Says:

    Yea I can’t believe the Colts lost, that really fucked me for the week. It was the difference between being up 90 and 300. The ‘skins game had me on my toes with my under bid, it’s a good thing no one scored in the 4th quarter after that touchdown at the beginning of it.

    We’re on the same page about tonight’s game. This morning, partly out of frustration with the Colts, and partly out of confidence in the Jets, I placed 2 bets on tonights game. I have 55 on the over, and I put 32.25 on the Jets to win outright at +420 odds. Worst case scenario, I am just over even for the week, best case scenario, I’m up close to 300 again.

    I’ll write a betting recap post tonight after the game.

  7. singlemomseeking Says:

    Cool, you’ve go me inspired to get more into betting this season and making picks. I think I’ll publish a couple of my picks on my Weekly post over at just for fun.

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