Movie Review: The Tao of Steve

I just got in from a business trip to Boulder, CO. The in-flight movie was something that looked kind of lame, so I opted for pulling out my computer and sticking in my latest netflix rental, The Tao of Steve. The following is my review.

First of all, if you want to learn how to attract women, this movie is a great place to start. Dexter, the main character in the movie, is a shlub who seems to have an inordinate amount of success with women despite being a total loser. The movie starts off at his 10 year college reunion, where he feels really awkward because he slept with most of the women there back in college. He has also put on a massive beer gut, which leads to lots of stares and whispers.

You can see from the beginning, though, that he really knows what he’s doing with women. Directors set this up very well by momentarily eavesdropping on conversations about him and showing him interacting with a couple of women who he knows. In this scene, he also sets his eyes on Syd who is the drummer in the band playing the show and is instantly attracted to her. She becomes his primary love interest throughout.

Dex has a code that he calls the “Tao of Steve” which is based on modelling your behavior after three famous and notoriously cool guys named Steve, two of them being Steve Austin and Steve McQueen. The code is simple:

1. Eliminate your desire for the woman

2. Do something excellently in front of her

3. Pull away to make her chase

I love the simplicity of this method. Granted, there are books and books of wisdom encapsulated in these three steps, but it really does cover much of what it takes to attract women.

Like all movies like about players (Made of Honor, The Pick-Up Artist etc.), this movie involves Dex falling for a woman and deciding that he hates himself for having been chasing around so many women for so long. Of course this ignores the fact that only by having experienced being a player can he fully commit to one individual, but that’s for another post.

Anyway, it was a great movie, I give it a 9 out of 10. See it.


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