NFL Week 3: Betting Recap

First of all, fuck the Colts. I was so fired up when they scored to go ahead with a minute left in the game, only to be brought back down a peg when jacksonville drove 50 yards and kicked a field goal. How can you, as a defensive back, interfere with a pass on 4th and 1? What a dumb move! 

I had a really good day betting Sunday up until that little Indy mishap. I just slid in under the line with that under bet on the Redskins game, and made a good call on the over bet with the Broncos/Saints. Had Indy one I would have won another $100 because Baltimore wiped the floor with Cleveland. Dallas made Green Bay look pretty bad as well. Good times. Finished Sunday night up $90 (although I would have been up $300 if Indy held on).

I woke up this morning thinking to myself that I was going to try to essentially double down on this game tonight. I can deal with coming away from this week even, but I liked my chances with the upside on the Chargers/Jets. I figured that San Diego’s defense is not very good, so Favre will be slinging. Thus $55 on the over with a line of 44.5 seemed like a good call. And then looking at who each team has beat, San Diego is 0-2 having lost week 1 to the Panthers in week 1 and a heartbreaker last week. In addition, Tomlinson is injured so even if he plays, he probably won’t be 100%. Faced with those facts, I decided to tell the +8.5 to tug it and instead chose the Jets to win straight up at a +425 payout. I only put down $32.25 (I know, random number, I had $532.25 in my account so I figured I’d bet it down to $500), so if my over came through but the Jets didn’t win I’d make a couple of bucks on the game anyway.

Boy was I wrong about the Chargers. They clearly didn’t want to be 0-3. Tomlinson looked as good as ever. The Bolt’s Defense caused a ridiculous amount of turnovers. Favre was slinging alright, but into the opposing team’s hands. Such is life. No biggie, I mean, I still won money on the night. I won $20ish on the night, putting my total for the weekend at $110 or so.


4 Responses to “NFL Week 3: Betting Recap”

  1. Lance Says:

    Ugh, Chargers came out really fired up and Rivers had a terrific game. Favre wasn’t in sync with the rest of the O, so my Jets +8.5 pick didn’t work at all. I got the over, though, which put me 2-5 for the weekend. Lousy. I’ll put it back together next week with college football.

  2. Hammer Says:

    I don’t bet college football very much because the games are too unpredictable for me. I’ll take a look this week but I’ll probably stick to the pros.

  3. Lance Says:

    College can be great because some of the games are VERY predictable…for example, that Oklahoma vs. North Texas game? Yeah, you know Oklahoma is winning, the question is simply will they cover the spread. It’s hard to handicap smaller college games because of lack of information, so sometimes you can suss out advantageous lines.

  4. Hammer Says:

    Yea, I personally hate spreads because the team goals aren’t in line with mine, i.e. a team is content with kicking game winning field goal on 4th and goal on the one rather than running the QB sneak to cover the 5.5 spread.

    Many college games are VERY predictable, true, but at the same time they have such enormous spreads for those games that it can get quite out of hand. Also, there are a bunch of teams that are perennially overrated making it really hard to get good information about them, and comparing teams across conferences is always tough as well. That being said, I’ll still bet college, but I’m much more careful about picking my bets.

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