What I Look for in a Long Term Mate

As promised, my post on what I look for in a long term mate. I am at a point in my life where I will not date someone long term who I couldn’t at least possibily see myself marrying a few years down the road and having children with. All of these characteristics are required for a woman who I will be in a long term relationship with, so the order really doesn’t matter, although I did try to list them in order of importance. Since some of them are related to the genetics of my children, not all of them are required traits of a woman who I will hook up with.

Some of you may say that I need to ease up, or that I’ll never find a woman like that, but I don’t care. There is no buckle on my hat. I am not a pilgrim. I will not settle. When someone asks me for one tip that they can implement immediately in improving his game, I tell him to raise his standards. This puts you in the (attractive) mindset of being the chooser and forces a woman to qualify herself to you if she is going to have a chance. If you want a woman with a great sense of humor, don’t deal with the woman who hates your jokes. If you want an athletic woman, don’t waste your time with couch potatoes.

Being more selective works. When I graduated in June I had the objective of finding myself a long term girlfriend as soon as possible. I went on dates with 50+ different women over the next two months and am now in a relationship with Rian who satisfies every single item below. Anyway, without further adieu, here is the list:

1. She needs to be thin:

One thing that I will never apologize for is what physical characteristics I am physically attracted to. I like a woman to be thin. She has to have a flat stomach and slender legs. Yea it’s shallow, and sure, some people have a harder time staying slim than others, but it should be kept in mind that our entire evolutionary history food was a scarce resource, and as a result people were thin. Thus I feel justified in being somewhat of a snob about weight.

2. She needs to be witty:

This has to do with her personality. i want her to be able to banter with the best of them. She should be sharp and quick on her feet. Conversation is so much more fun with people like this.

3. She needs to want me emotionally, and lust for me sexually:

I don’t mind fighting for a girl, but I do not want to have to pretend to be someone who I’m not. I want her to like me for me, and like everything about me. I want her to get turned on by the sight of me.

4. She needs to have a bubbly/up-beat personality:

I like high energy, perky girls who are flirty and smile a lot. What can I say? I just find that type of attitude to be magnetic.

5. She needs to have a positive outlook:

I don’t like complainers. I want a woman who can find fun in any situation, someone who when things go badly is able to laugh about them rather than get angry about things that are out of her realm of control. Someone who’s realistic, but generally positive.

6. She needs to have a high sex drive:

At this point in my life, I like to get off at least 10-15 times a week or more depending on how busy I am. I would like the majority of these times to involve my girlfriend in some way.

7. She needs to be able to cum quickly and multiple times:

This has been a recent addition that I have made to the list since dating this new girl. Sex is just way more fun when she can cum 7+ times in an hour.

8. She needs to be sexually adventurous:

I can be quite kinky, and I have tried a lot yet have so much more that I’d like to try. I want a woman who enjoys exploring my fantasies and has fantasies of her own that I can fulfill.

9. She needs to be ambitious:

I want someone who has purpose in her life, and a plan to get there. Someone who is independent and can fend for herself if necessary.

10. She needs to be intelligent:

This is mostly a genetic characteristic. If a woman is witty and ambitious but still dumb as bricks (bubbly model maybe?), she can still be fun to hang out with and date in a casual relationship, but I would never get into a long term relationship with her.

11. She needs to be spontaneous and adventurous (out of the bedroom):

There are a lot of things that I still want to do in my life. I want to go skydiving, kite-surfing, hang-gliding; I want to learn stunt driving, get a motorcycle license, and learn how to fly a plane. I want to live in another country for a few months/years. I want to take exotic adventure vacations. If I’m in a long term relationship with someone, I want our vacations together to be more than lying on the beach in Cabo.

12. She needs to care about the less fortunate:

She should have a sense of morality, and have good motherly instincts. On some level, she should be outraged about crimes against humanity/genocide. 

13. She needs to be at least 5’6″:

This is a genetic characteristic mainly, but it also has to do with how awkward pictures look when a 6’2″ guy is standing next to a 5’3″ girl. Having said that, I love hooking up with short little 90lbs women. I’m pretty skinny, so it’s fun to be able to physically manhandle a woman once in a while.

14. She needs to be competitive:

She should challenge my beliefs. She should strive to be able to beat me in Wii Tennis. A little friendly competition can make for a lot of fun.

15. She needs to be athletic:

I like a girl who is feminine, but she should also be able to get dirty once in a while and at least be able to go on a hike or a bike ride with me.

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2 Responses to “What I Look for in a Long Term Mate”

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  2. joe Says:

    You just described my ideal woman. Though I don’t mind the awkward pics 🙂

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