NFL Week 4: Bets

I’ve been successful thus far placing my bets, winning about $110 last week and $160 the week before. Despite my success, however, I felt a little slighted last week with the Colts losing and turning in the last minute after taking the lead with a minute and a half, robbing me of $210.  Lets see if I can do any better this week.

In addition to betting the NFL this week, I have also put some money down on a couple of college games. College football tends to be quite unpredictable (e.g. USC losing on Thursday), so it’s important to choose carefully when making picks. That said, I also think that there is a lot of room in college football to exploit biases among the sports media and betting fans. Betting on the SEC is my favorite way to do this.

The SEC is head and shoulders above every other conference, but as a result of beating eachother up all the time, they get pounded in the BCS rankings. Also, there is a major Big 10 and PAC 10 media bias as well as a Notre Dame bias which can easily be exploited. Here are my college football picks for the week:

TEASER: $55 Georgia over Alabama -0.5 and Auburn over Tennessee -1.0

Regular Bet: $35 Purdue over Notre Dame with no spread and even odds.

NFL Bets

I don’t feel ultra-confident about very much this week in the way I did last week, so I hope I don’t totally fuck up by betting for the sake of betting. I’ve tried to spread my money across a bunch of games so that I won’t lose too bad. Having said that though, I do feel like all the bets that I’ve placed are good bets that should win.

$55 Jets over Cardinals -1.0

$35 Vikings over Tennessee +3.0 with even odds. The Vikings are due for a win and I think Adrian Peterson is going to have a big game.

Teaser: $55 Jacksonville over Houston -1.0 and Bengals over Cleveland +2.5.

$55 Over 40 on the Eagles vs. Bears

$35 Green Bay over Tampa Bay.


6 Responses to “NFL Week 4: Bets”

  1. Lance Says:

    So I had some friends in from out-of-town and I didn’t even make any picks yesterday or for the day games in NFL. Sucks. But, I’m going to go ahead and make picks for the late Sunday game. Bears are 3 pt dogs at home and I’m gonna take the Bears to win straight up (+150). Yeah, the Eagles are playing great this year, but the Bears are pissed after losing that Bucs game last weekend, so the D shows up and knocks McNabb around. If they can contain Westbrook, they’ll be in good shape. I also like the over on this game, so I’ll take that, and also parlay the two together.

  2. Lance Says:

    Wait a sec, new information. Didn’t realize McNabb has a chest contusion and Westbrook is gametime with a balky ankle. I’ll take the UNDER on this one.

  3. Hammer Says:

    So I royally fucked up this week. Note to self, don’t make bets for the sake of making them! Bet on winners!

    Anyway, it looks like I pretty much lost most of the money that I won over the last two weeks, although if they can score enough points tonight I can at least salvage the week a little bit and only be down about $100 or so.

  4. Hammer Says:

    Motherfucker! Carson Palmer wasn’t playing? No wonder the Bengals got pounded by the Browns! Why didn’t I do my homework this week?

    I seriously couldn’t have fucked up this bad if I tried. Getting 5 out of 6 bets wrong is not easy business. Hopefully it won’t be 6 of 7. Worst case scenario, I’m up about $70 on the year, best case, I’m up $175. Please score tonight guys! 40 points isn’t that much.

  5. Hammer Says:

    Just put $55 on the under 34.5 for Ravens/Steelers. It’s a really low line, but neither of these teams have good offenses and both have great defenses. They like to keep the ball on the ground so look for a low scoring game with a lot of field goals and hopefully a payout at the end of the night for me.

  6. Lance Says:

    I screwed up on my Bears call and should have stuck with the over like my gut told me…too much analysis. Anyway, my Bears winning straight up was a nice little call. I see you bolluxed up the Steelers game, that’s a bad week. Kinda like my horrible week last week. We’ll rebound.

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