Blogger Roundtable: Virginity

As part of the second blogger roundtable discussion of Virginity, I figured I’d give my opinions on the subject. You won’t have to look very far back to find my post on why I refuse to date virgins, so I obviously am going to take a someone negative few of it, but hopefully you won’t think I’m too much of an asshole because of it.

One thing that nearly every “natural” (people who are just naturally good with women) that you will find is that they all lost their virginity early. Really early. As early as 10, 11, 12 in some cases. This is not an accident. Taking a page from the Tao of Steve, your first step to attracting women is getting rid fo your desire. By having sex at a young age, you grow up with an abundance mentality toward women, which is essential in being normal and fun around them. The longer you wait, the more your mind builds it up, what you might know as “putting the pussy on a pedestal” if you’ve seen The 40 Year Old Virgin

I was kind of a late bloomer so losing my virginity at the age of 12 was not an option. In fact, I remember dating a girl back in 7th grade for 9 months and being so afraid to even kiss her for more than a couple of seconds out of fear of things escalating to a point where she might realize that I was still pre-pubescent (and she was smoking hot, you know, one of thost girls who peaked at 13). Then again, I never claimed to be a natural. My current ability took years of studying and practice to develop.

So as you can imagine, I would say that virginity is not a big deal. Not at all. As a dad I will encourage my son to lose his virginity as soon as possible. I’ll also tell him to bite her ear to distract her from the pain as he enters her. It’s going to be really weird and probably not fun the first time you do it so the sooner you get the awkwardness out of the way the sooner you can get to the good stuff. As for my daughter, I’m not quite as sure, but I think that I will encourage her to be comfortable with her sexuality and smart about her decisions.


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4 Responses to “Blogger Roundtable: Virginity”

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  3. Honey Says:

    I think it’s super interesting that people (guys, mostly) who claim that virginity is not a big deal would give different advice to sons than to daughters. You say you’d rather not sleep with a virgin, but how do you feel about women who’ve slept with way more people than you have?

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