NFL Week 5 Betting

Alright guys, I’m hurting big time from last week, so lets see how well I recover. I feel much better about my bets this week, although I’m in major jeopardy of dipping below my initial investment of $330. I am very excited to have an opportunity to feel really good about putting my money on the Bills, the only real New York team! Just so we’re clear, as usual I will probably make a couple more over/under bets as the games approach, but for now these are my bets:

$110 Bills over Arizona 0 spread -110 odds. Is this a joke? The 2-2 Cardinals facing off against my 4-0 Bills and they aren’t even being given points? I was offended when I saw this spread. So offended in fact, that I decided that I need to take full advantage of it. Granted the Bills have, with the exception of Jacksonville, only beaten bunk teams. But the Cardinals have only beaten bad teams as well, and they got pounded by a mediocre Jets team!

$55 Ravens over Titans 0 spread at +220 odds. I don’t know why the bookies seem to think that the Ravens are going to lose this game after coming off a huge win over Pittsburg, but for some reason they are making the Titans a favorite, which to me is absolute nonsense when the Ravens are probably the best team in the AFC.

Parlay $55, got to love that 6 point tease:

Eagles over Redskins, 0 spread.

Chargers over Dolphins, 0.5 spread.


7 Responses to “NFL Week 5 Betting”

  1. Lance Says:

    I’ll take Colts -3, Bears -3.5, and the over on the Bills-Cards game (44). Bodog has the Ravens at +3 but I’m not touching that game because the Titans always surprise you and I don’t trust either QB.

  2. Hammer Says:

    Dude I need to switch my account over to Bodog for real. Oddsmaker doesn’t have enough bandwidth to handle their traffic on NFL Sunday. I want to get in there and place some over under bets but it’s not letting me in. Also, Bodog live seems really G. I could lose a lot of money playing that game.

  3. Hammer Says:

    Another tough day for me…
    I also put another $55 on the over 45 for the Bills game and $55 on the over 41 for the Pats game.

  4. Lance Says:

    So far so good, although I’m lucky as fuck that the Colts pulled it out. That Bears game was a lock, I shoulda put money on it.

  5. Hammer Says:

    Ugh my Bills are getting railed. My overs held up though. I put another $50 on Pittsburgh to win at 3:1 odds. I’ll make this a positive day yet! My Oddsmaker account dropped to double digits for the first time today. Granted, there are 2 $105 payouts waiting to come back, but it’s still a little scary. Pull it out tonight Steelers!

  6. Lance Says:

    Well, you the Steelers and I got my first 3-0. Nice!

  7. Hammer Says:

    Just put down another $55. Parlay, NO over Min +3, over 41.5. No whammies!

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