NFL Week 7 Betting

I missed betting last week because of some gambling website issues. As I had mentioned before, Oddsmaker was having bandwidth issue which were really irritating me. They claim to be updagrading their site, but I don’t have the time for that. Also, Bodog, which I’ve switched to, has substantially more betting options, including live betting, which I might try out tomorrow. I am not in love with the betting interface, but if you are looking to get in on some action, I definitely recommend checking out

The issues I was having were associated with getting my money into Bodog’s site. Most credit cards do not play well with gambling sites, and while I was able to use my check card to deposit money into Oddsmaker after none of my credit cards worked, this did not work with bodog. I ended up having to create an eWalletXpress account and transfering the money in that way. Unfortunately, it took a week for my checking account info to get verified, but now that it is I have smooth sailing from here on out.

Oddsmaker charged me $25 for taking my money out, which makes me want to hit them. They allow you to make 1 free withdrawl per month of $1000 or more, but since that didn’t apply in this scenario I had to pay. I would have been really upset about it if I hadn’t been leaving them up $120 or so. Bodog also charges, but they give you 1 free withdrawl per month with no cap on the amount.

It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t bet last week considering what happened in the games. There’s a good chance I would have gone broke with all the upsets. This has been an incredibly interesting season so far and it seems to get moreso every week.

Anyway, here are my bets for the week:

$55 Browns/Redskins over 42

$55 Saints/Panthers over 45

$55 Chargers over Bills (made me sad to do since the Bills are my team)

$50 Parlay This is a bet that was not available on Oddsmaker. It’s a straight Parlay which pays out +250.

Ravens over Dolphins+3

Jets/Raiders over 41

$55 6 point Teaser

Jets over Raiders +3

Colts over Packers +3.5


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