Sesame Street Routine

This is something that I came up with over the course of online dating and have transitioned it into my attraction/comfort game, and I figured I’d share it with you all today.

Hammer: Can I ask you something? It’s super important; total deal breaker. Are you ready? You sure? Alright. *dramatic pause* “Who’s your favorite Sesame Street character?

HB answers.

Hammer: Oh no way! I love <insert character>! He’s so <insert cool characteristic>! What is it about <character> that you like so much?

Hammer: *bust on her answer, describe characteristics that she must have based on her choice* Do you think that you can tell a lot about someone’s personality based on their favorite Sesame Street character?

HB answers.

Hammer: A friend of mine wrote her senior thesis on the psychoses of the characters of Winnie the Pooh. Totally changed the way I looked at that show. The premise kind of stuck in my mind and I started thinking about how the characters of Sesame Street are totally like that as well.

HB: Lol so true! That’s crazy!

Hammer: I mean look at it: you have Oscar, total crackhead; the count definitely has OCD; cookie monster is a glutton; snuffy is depressed; Bert and Ernie are gay-which was a psychological disorder in the 70’s.

HB talks

Hammer: *pull her toward you by the waist* Oh my god it’s so adorable how seriously you’re taking this! 


There’s nothing particularly special about this routine, there isn’t really any framing or anything involved, although it gets calibrated as necessary. The important thing is that it’s funny and entertaining, and gives you plenty of opportunity to bust on her verbally while escalating physically. Also, if something interesting about her comes up, follow that thread, leaving this one open to come back to if necessary.


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