Movie Review: Don Juan DeMarco

From time to time I will review movies that I think are relevant to the topics of dating, sex, or self improvement. Don Juan DeMarco is one of these movies.

Not quite sure how I came across this movie, I think I saw someone post a clip of this movie on their blog or something, but I had the opportunity to watch it recently after grabbing it off of Netflix. I wasn’t necessarily planning on writing a review of this movie, but today I decided it was very fitting.

After reading Lance’s post on Reflect t-shirts, I went over to their site and picked a couple up. I had totally forgotten which two I had bought, but they came today (Friday) and I was very pleased with my choices. I picked up I am a creative genius and I create my own reality. I am a big proponent of self affirmations, it’s something that I learned when I worked in sales back in the day (which was a Wednesday). I create my own reality is one that have used constantly since then. As I sat here thinking about what this means to me, Don Juan DeMarco popped up in my head.

In the movie, the main character played by Johnny Depp is a delusional 21 year old who believes that he is Don Juan. In the first scene, we watch as he walks into a hotel restaurant in New York wearing a cape, mask, leather gloves, etc. He is looking totally ridiculous, dressed as if he’s going to a costume party. As he walks in, everyone is looking at him like he’s crazy, but he is so comfortable with his reality that it doesn’t even matter. He walks up to a woman and seduces her in a minute flat just by bringing her into his reality.

The majority of the movie takes place in a mental hospital where he is being kept and “treated” by Dr, Jack Mickler, a psychiatrist played by Marlon Brando (who looks fucking terrible by the way, especially as compared to his youthful Streetcar Named Desire self). Dr. Mickler is giving him his 10 day evaluation to decide whether to commit him or let him go. However, as the movie goes on, it becomes unclear who is really treating who.

You see, even though Don Juan is completely delusional, his reality is actually real for him, and it is much more pleasant than everyone elses. By believing he is Don Juan, women are in fact attracted to him, he has this entrancing effect on everyone who he meets. He saves Dr. Micker’s marraige, drives the female nurses gaga, and even convinces a male nurse to chase his dream and move to a foreign country.

How does this apply to pickup? This movie gets at the heart of what “Inner Game” is. No one has stronger inner game than Don Juan. This guy is so far out in left field, and yet he truly believes every word of it, thus constantly gets the validation from everyone because his reality is more fun and interesting than ours. That is what inner game is. Every bone in your body believes that you are attractive and successful with women, and as a result you continue to be successful with women. 

Over the last week or so I have been in a fight with The Virgin because I was sick of reading his negative skeptical “this can never work for me” bullshit on his blog. I have since removed his blog from my rss reader because he is so negative and unhappy and isn’t making any significant effort to change. I can show him examples of thousands of people who have gone from where he is or worse to becoming wildly successful and he’ll still make excuses why this stuff will never work for him. And when it comes down to it, he’s right, pickup can never work for him. Not because of what he looks like or his personality. Pickup can never work for him because the reality he creates for himself is one in which he is miserable and unsuccessful with women. That is a reality that women don’t want to be a part of, so he can work on his technique all he wants, but he’ll still continue to strike out until he works on himself.

But I digress. Don Juan DeMarco is a movie that is very meta and while it is definitely not a movie I would watch over and over again, it is one that made me think and re-evaluate my life, something that we all need to do from time to time. It’s been a few weeks since I watched it, and I think I only gave it three stars on Netflix, but the more time passes, and the more I think about it, the more I grow to appreciate it. I think I’m going to go give it a rating upgrade.

For those of you who were too lazy to click through on the above link:

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How to Give a Blowjob

I’ve been reading the Adventures of Brad P lately (awesome book, thanks Lance for recommending it) and while I could talk all day about how awesome this book is and how great it is for improving your game, I want to address something that Brad P brings up that is near and dear to my heard. I’m up to chapter 15, so I’m not going to speak for the whole book, but through chapter 15, he brings up on multiple occasions how bad most women are at giving head.

This is something that I have been struggling with over the last 6 months. Is it really that hard?  I guess it must have something to do with guys being generally easy to please and too pussy to instruct, making women less likely to learn how to give a really good blowjob (thankfully my girlfriend gives amazing head and loves doing it, so this is less of an issue now).

When I first decided back in May that this was a serious issue, I decided that I needed to find a good instructional porn clip that I could point women to for help. I had remembered seeing a porn clip of the perfect blowjob only days before but for whatever reason couldn’t find it in my browsing history, making me a very sad panda. Since then I have been on the lookout for this clip or another equally as good blowjob clip to save. Today, completely randomly without even looking for it (I had clicked on one of the videos added today and it was a related video that showed up below), I found the video of the perfect blowjob. Check it out.

Notice the perfect ratio of mouth to hand, the perfect amount of saliva, the speed and depth, and the twisting motion of the head.

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New Years with C&R

Just bought my ticket for the Maxim Radion party on New Years Eve. It’s actually in conjunction with Bad Boy Records, so it will undoubtedly be off the chain, with a plethora of women involved. I’m stoked.

Sex on the First Date

Over the last week, I have had a couple of instances of people making comments about sex on the first date and I want to weigh in on my perspective. The discussion first started in the comments here on Seth’s blog and crossed over into the twittersphere (tm?). But when I saw this video on Ask Dan and Jennifer I had to step in and write formal post.

I can’t believe how many people actually think that having sex on the first date is going to prevent you from building something long term with someone. It is absolutely ridiculous. Yea sure there are times when you have sex with a guy on the first date and he doesn’t call you again, but that just means that there was not any long term potential to begin with. To say that you are ruining your chances at something long term with someone because you have sex with them on the first date is absolutely ridiculous. In fact it makes it sound like you’re trying to trap or trick the guy into a long term relationship by manipulating his interest in you.

Tangent: I find it absolutely hilarious that women criticize men for reading books on how to attract women when a book like “The Rules,” which is essentially about how to trap a guy into marrying you, has sold millions of copies. BTW, trapping someone into marrying you is much worse than making someone comfortable with deciding to go against all their social programing and have sex with someone who they already want to have sex with.

Here’s why the goal of all of my first dates is to have sex that night:

It’s fun. Why deny yourself of something that you want to do and will thoroughly enjoy? I like independent women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it.

It gets it out of the way. If a guy is on a date with you, it is probably because he wants to have sex with you, and it’s probably what is overwhelming 90% of his thoughts. You’re not going to see the true him, and he’s not going to truly know how much he likes you until he’s had sex with you and still wants to talk to you.

I have sexual dealbreakers. This is probably the most important one. because there are a bunch of things that I absolutely require from a sexual partner and will not get into along term relationship with someone who doesn’t meet these criteria. I have met too many men who are unhappy with their sex lives to settle for less than 100% of what I’m into. However, if you have developed an emotional connection with and feelings for someone, it will hurt both of you much more to break it off than it would if you knew these things earlier on in the relationship. Sexual deal breakers include:

  • Small inner labia (a.k.a. peach lips)
  • Smooth shaven
  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Likes to dirty talk
  • Anal
  • Multiple Orgasms
  • Deep throating
  • Likes being tied up
  • Likes being choked
  • Hair Pulling
  • Spanking
  • Cleanliness down there
  • Public places

I like independent thinkers. I mentioned this before, but I think it deserves its own bullet point. If she is effected by what other people think of her to the point that she would deny herself of having sex with you despite being so turned on that she masturbates thinking about you when she gets home (I had a girl tell me that she did this once and since then I’ve started asking about it after sex, and was very surprised to find out how often it happens), I don’t think we would work well long term. I like sassy, witty, independent, adventurous women who go for what they want and aren’t afraid to say yes to things despite what other people would think.

I’d like to speak to a point that Dan and Jennifer made in their video where they said that if a girl puts out on the first date the man will assume that she does this for all girls. This may be true for some men, I mean, if you go out on a dinner date and just talk only to be invited up by her afterward, I could see you being a little suspicious. But as someone who is particularly good at eliciting attraction and desire for sex, I know exactly what I am doing with her to make her want it, and would never assume that most other guys are doing the same. Even if this were true though, I am much more turned off by a woman denying herself something that she wants than being sexually experienced.

Listen, I agree with the point that sex is better in a loving relationship with an emotional connection. I’m in a loving monogamous (with the exception of an occasional threesome) relationship with an emotional connection. She is absolutely incredible (genius level intelligence, incredibly fun and playful, great maternal instincts, comes from a loving family, highly independent and ambitious, oh and don’t forget drop dead gorgeous). But just because sex is BETTER that way, doesn’t mean that it isn’t still GREAT without that emotional connection, and in lieu of a connection I think that it bridges the gap nicely.

Tangent: Great article from the New York Times Magazine about Teasing that everyone should check out. Thanks to Tenmagnet for linking to it.

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Entropy’s Conversation Demolition Series

Entropy, a PUA out of Boston and one of the founders of Practical Pickup, has been doing a great series on his blog called Conversation Demolition. His latest is a great example of a guy totally blowing it with a girl because he didn’t make a move. Check it out here

I don’t think that I really have anything to add to his comments, so take a look at his post if you’re interested in improving your text game.


Consider this post a declaration of war. I am initiating the War on Frumpiness. I’m not going to do, what everyone thinks I’m going to do… All I want to know is, who’s coming with me?

Women’s fashion has been going downhill for a while. I think the Olsen twins might have started this trend, but it has gotten way out of hand. The pregnant shirts, the Ugg boots, the Crocs, the leggings, the Chinese slippers, etc. It needs to stop!

I hate being in a bar and seeing a girl in a shirt that fits loosely around her stomach and not being sure whether she’s chubbo or not. This is important information women. You’re basically lying to me with your appearance if you don’t give me that information. Yea I’m superficial, but I have that right. But do you really want to sleep with me and then not get called again because I didn’t realize until I was fucking you that you were fat? You can avoid this by not hiding that shit. You’ll be weeding out superficial pricks like myself!

And the leggings! Come on. Fucking Lindsey Lohan and her hippie trendsetting. Yea it’s cold, I get it, but you’re supposed to deal with that discomfort because you get an insane amount of advantages as a result. I hate leggings for a couple of reasons. First of all, they’re an extra layer to get off, so rather than just being able to lift up the skirt and pull the panties to the side, I have to pull those things down and off. Second, they hide a girl’s legs and as a result she’s less likely to shave, which is so gross when you do make it into the funk shop with her. Third, they’re ugly! I want to see your sexy feminine legs and touch your soft skin, not this black spandex shit that you call fashionable.

Then we come to the footwear. Uggs, Crocs, sandals, knee high boots, get the fuck out. Am I the only guy who still finds a woman’s calves and ankles attractive? What dudes are putting up with this shit? When you are dressed to impress, why go and ruin it with these frumpy shoes? Put on heels. I don’t care if they’re uncomfortable, I know plenty of women who exclusively wear heels (mostly because they’re short) and if they can deal with it, you can too. I’m not wearing new balance sneakers everywhere I go, you shouldn’t be wearing the female equivalent.

Lastly, fuck all of you guys for putting up with this shit from women. I am drawing the line in the sand right now. If a woman is wearing any of the above mentioned items of clothing to a night club or bar on a night out, I am not bothering (I’ll forgive it for an exceptionally beautiful woman if it’s during the day).

And maybe you ladies are saying, “Oh whatever, look at this egomaniac, I don’t care if he hits on me.” Well you should care, because I am a very attractive man. Interesting, brilliant, energetic, hilarious, great dancer, and I will curl those toes like no one ever has.

To the guys, who’s coming with me? Support me in the War on Frumpiness!

I’ll leave you with this video to inspire the ladies to dress well:

Sexy vs Plain

Initial Steps for Seduction

Amazing post by El Topo that I just came across (sorry but I’m behind on my rss reading for now) on setting the tone for seduction and building rapport while creating seduction frames. Check it out here.

El Topo is a guy who has gotten a lot of flack in the community. The Mystery Method/Love Systems filed a law suit against him for some stuff I know nothing about so I’ll abstain from judging either way, but the fact remains that this guy is good.

He comes from the Captain Jack/Sinn school of thought which focuses on SNL frames, so anyone interested in becoming amazing at that (ME!) should check his blog out. He also offers a product called the Red Stack, which is a customized (meaning about you a.k.a. not lying) routine stack that has frames built into it. I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re a total newbie with ridiculous approach anxiety, but for someone looking to take his game to the next level who has $750 to burn, this is probably a great investment.

Check him out in field as well here:

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