Initial Steps for Seduction

Amazing post by El Topo that I just came across (sorry but I’m behind on my rss reading for now) on setting the tone for seduction and building rapport while creating seduction frames. Check it out here.

El Topo is a guy who has gotten a lot of flack in the community. The Mystery Method/Love Systems filed a law suit against him for some stuff I know nothing about so I’ll abstain from judging either way, but the fact remains that this guy is good.

He comes from the Captain Jack/Sinn school of thought which focuses on SNL frames, so anyone interested in becoming amazing at that (ME!) should check his blog out. He also offers a product called the Red Stack, which is a customized (meaning about you a.k.a. not lying) routine stack that has frames built into it. I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re a total newbie with ridiculous approach anxiety, but for someone looking to take his game to the next level who has $750 to burn, this is probably a great investment.

Check him out in field as well here:

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3 Responses to “Initial Steps for Seduction”

  1. Deline Says:

    lol… this is kind of my style. Have FUN.. that’s what matters the most. He drops obvious patterns without any excuses, he’s got great body language, body rocking. Love how he cusses up a storm.

    You need a loud fun bar for this to work in your favor though… which I love.

  2. Seth Says:

    Haha! He’s hysterical.

    Deline’s right though, this would NOT work in a quiet party. Too metro.


  3. Hammer Says:

    This particular photographer routine wouldn’t work at a quiet party, but that doesn’t mean the shock seduction won’t. Apparently they cut off the video early before he got to the girls’ urination fantasies. But again, the video wasn’t the point of the post, the link to his blog post was.

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