TSB AFF Challenge

TSB Magazine put forward an Adult Friend Finder challenge where they are basically reimbursing you for subscribing to adult friend finder for two months and writing a review for their site. They originally issued it a while ago, but I was in and out of a relationship at the time so I didn’t take them up on it.

Things are a little different now. Things with Rian are over, at least for a while. I have started playing the field on match again and currently have four women in the pipeline who could potentially be long term material, along with a handful of others who are definitely fuck-buddy material. Still, I’m going to take TSB Mag up on their challenge. If I do end up getting into a relationship in the meantime I’ll just eat the cost, but I think that even if I do end up liking these girls I can put off monogamy for the time being anyway.

I don’t know how successful this will be to be honest; I’ve tried Sex Search before with zero success. Then again, when I did that it was before I had any idea what I was doing with game let alone online game. I had pictures of my junk in my profile and basically all I talked about in the “About Me” section was what I liked sexually. This time I know that what I do online works. I know that on match when I email 20 women I will hear back from 5 of them and get numbers from 4. I also imagine that guys on AFF are probably worse at online dating than they are on match (if they’re anything like I was), so maybe I’ll have better results. Then again, maybe I’ll come to the conclusion that the only attractive women in my demographic on the site are cam girls, or maybe that my game doesn’t transfer well. Either way, the experience will be fun.

I don’t do much documentation of my online dating life on this blog as I don’t find it particularly interesting as it’s rather formulaic, but I will be documenting my AFF experience, at least at the beginning. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a good experience with it and make it a part of my routine.

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NFL Betting: Final Stop on the Road to the Big Dance

Wow did I luck out last week. Picking the Giants was obviously a mistake, as Eli clearly needed his self mutilating receiver to carry the offense in the playoffs. I did luck out on the over/under though, and wound up pushing that bet. I don’t fully understand why you get a push if you push one and lose the other, I would think that the loss should really trump the push, at least that’s how I’d set it up. Anyway, it’s the second time it has happened to me this season, so I was ready for it. My other two bets were money, although the Ravens definitely gave me a scare. I came out $80 up.

It’s a shame that the Giants and Eagles had to face eachother last week instead of in the NFC Championship game, because I firmly believe that the NFC East had the four best teams in the NFL (Giants, Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins), but with that game settled I really think that the Eagles are going to win their first Superbowl. I also think that the Ravens will beat the Steelers, although Flacco has to stop throwing into double coverage because that shit isn’t going to fly against Pittsburg. Anyway, here are my surefire picks:

$55 6  Point Teaser – Ravens over Steelers (+12), Ravens/Steelers Over 28. I think it will be a low scoring 17/14 game. I’m not sure who will win, but I think that a 12 point advantage is covering my bases here.

$55 6 Point Teaser – Eagles over Cardinals (+1.5). Eagles/Cardinals over 41. This game should be a shootout, although I think that Philly’s defense is substantially better than that of Arizona, and this game won’t be very close.

Free Sports Betting

Found via Thrillist: Free betting site CentSports.com deposits $0.10 into your account upon sign up (from advertising dollars), and allows you to bet for free with the possibility of real cash outs. I just heard about it today so I haven’t tried it out, but I definitely will this weekend. It is my understanding that the top payout thus far has been over $1000, so I suppose if you know what you’re doing you can make a killing.

NFL Betting: Playoffs Baby!

This was a rough season for me in the gambling department, and I ended up losing the money that I put into my gambling account by week 7 or 8. Never fun. But now it’s playoff time, and I’m ready to win some of that back.

Despite the craziness of the season, I feel like the playoffs are going to be relatively straightforward. Then again, I’ve been wrong before, so we’ll see. Here are my picks:

$55 6 point Tease – Giants over Eagles +2, Giants and Eagles over 34

$40 Moneyline – Ravens over Titans, +125

$33 Chargers and Steelers over 38

10 Second Attraction

Mehow has been posting a lot on his blog about his 10 second attraction course that is being released shortly.  As usual, his pitches are laced with NLP and hype, promising you the magic bullet. However, unlike most products which have similar marketing, I actually do think that this program might be worth it. 

I haven’t seen it yet, but he is promising something that I have been fascinated by since my entry into the community. Something that has not been touched on by any product prior to this.

If you observe people who are really good with women, you will notice that a lot if them hardly do any talking. Up until now, the pickup community has attributed this to “being alpha” and having strong body language so that what you say really doesn’t matter. But we all know that this is not true.

From what I understand about 10 second attraction, it involves talking in high value 10 second bursts and sitting back the rest of the time, letting  her invest in the conversation. If you watch the show Mad Men, you will observe Don Draper doing this with wild success. 

I have started to play with this basic idea on my own, and have not seen a decrease in results, only in energy expended/effort. I will continue to test this out, and when I do get my hands on this program I am confident that I will not be disappointed. This is the first program that I have been actually excited about in a really long time.

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