10 Second Attraction

Mehow has been posting a lot on his blog about his 10 second attraction course that is being released shortly.  As usual, his pitches are laced with NLP and hype, promising you the magic bullet. However, unlike most products which have similar marketing, I actually do think that this program might be worth it. 

I haven’t seen it yet, but he is promising something that I have been fascinated by since my entry into the community. Something that has not been touched on by any product prior to this.

If you observe people who are really good with women, you will notice that a lot if them hardly do any talking. Up until now, the pickup community has attributed this to “being alpha” and having strong body language so that what you say really doesn’t matter. But we all know that this is not true.

From what I understand about 10 second attraction, it involves talking in high value 10 second bursts and sitting back the rest of the time, letting  her invest in the conversation. If you watch the show Mad Men, you will observe Don Draper doing this with wild success. 

I have started to play with this basic idea on my own, and have not seen a decrease in results, only in energy expended/effort. I will continue to test this out, and when I do get my hands on this program I am confident that I will not be disappointed. This is the first program that I have been actually excited about in a really long time.

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2 Responses to “10 Second Attraction”

  1. GordonJ Says:

    Yeah I’ve discovered that actually putting in less energy and being less enthusiastic is as effective if nor more effective than going in high energy. It demonstrates high value and non-neediness.

    I discovered this way before I got into Game. I just decided that fuck it, a girl needs to be into me as much as I’m into her, so I don’t need to approach with a high energy level to convince her I am “fun”. Fuck me being fun. She needs to be fun. At the time it was just my basic self-respect that was talking, but it was a wildly successful strategy. Only now that I’ve read about female mating psychology do I understand why.

    It’s interesting that a lot of the Game you read online is trash mixed with brilliant insights – for instance it’s a commonplace that you need to enter a set with an energy level as high or higher than the set. Wrong. You don’t have to match their energy level, and you certainly don’t need to exceed.

    being too enthusiastic is fatal.

  2. Football Buddy Says:

    I love wagering on NFL. The crappy part is that I’ve lost about $ five this month. I think the most enjoyable part is doing the research and using research to find holes in the odds.

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