TSB AFF Challenge

TSB Magazine put forward an Adult Friend Finder challenge where they are basically reimbursing you for subscribing to adult friend finder for two months and writing a review for their site. They originally issued it a while ago, but I was in and out of a relationship at the time so I didn’t take them up on it.

Things are a little different now. Things with Rian are over, at least for a while. I have started playing the field on match again and currently have four women in the pipeline who could potentially be long term material, along with a handful of others who are definitely fuck-buddy material. Still, I’m going to take TSB Mag up on their challenge. If I do end up getting into a relationship in the meantime I’ll just eat the cost, but I think that even if I do end up liking these girls I can put off monogamy for the time being anyway.

I don’t know how successful this will be to be honest; I’ve tried Sex Search before with zero success. Then again, when I did that it was before I had any idea what I was doing with game let alone online game. I had pictures of my junk in my profile and basically all I talked about in the “About Me” section was what I liked sexually. This time I know that what I do online works. I know that on match when I email 20 women I will hear back from 5 of them and get numbers from 4. I also imagine that guys on AFF are probably worse at online dating than they are on match (if they’re anything like I was), so maybe I’ll have better results. Then again, maybe I’ll come to the conclusion that the only attractive women in my demographic on the site are cam girls, or maybe that my game doesn’t transfer well. Either way, the experience will be fun.

I don’t do much documentation of my online dating life on this blog as I don’t find it particularly interesting as it’s rather formulaic, but I will be documenting my AFF experience, at least at the beginning. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a good experience with it and make it a part of my routine.

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8 Responses to “TSB AFF Challenge”

  1. johnnyg Says:

    Good Luck man, I’ve decided to take TSB up on the challenge as well. Sounds like you’ve got some experience and valid methods to work off. It be interesting to read some of them some time.
    Hope its a fun experience.

  2. Hammer Says:

    Yea man, we’ll see. I’m probably going to write a post tomorrow regarding my results up to this point.

  3. The Dateable Dork Says:

    Hmmm… I’m very curious to hear how it goes. Keep us posted on the play-by-play.

    P.S. – Sorry to hear things didn’t work out with Rian – I was rooting for you.

  4. Hammer Says:

    She’s just got a lot of her own stuff going on that is getting in the way of any kind of relationship. Sometimes it’s all just timing.

  5. Stephen Nash Says:

    Good luck man. I remember when I came back from LA trying AFF, and had zero success. It seemed to be filled with smaller pornsites masquerading as women. They might have changed now though.

  6. Hammer Says:

    Yea man like 9/10 replies seem to be that way. Once in a while though it seems to be legit. Targeting specific fantasies/fetishes seems to be the way to go.

  7. Stephen Nash Says:

    Yeah that makes sense – “niche” girls…where are you located? Big city?

  8. Hammer Says:

    Yea man, I’m in NYC with you.

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