LR – 15 Minute Bathroom Pull

So those of you who follow me on Twitter might know that I took a 1:1 with El Topo last weekend in Las Vegas. It was an amazing experience and I can’t tell you how much I learned. I’ll be writing a review shortly, but for now here’s my lay report for one of the nights.

Saturday night was a night that was all about working on transitioning into comfort game from attraction using push-pull, cold reading and baiting. It is interesting because this is something that El Topo is fucking amazing at, and I’ve seen him doing it all weekend, but I still wasn’t sure I could pull it off until a couple of hours before when we did some improv role play exercises.

We started off the night at Cathouse. El Topo knows some sorority girls who got free bottle service there and brought us along for the ride. I was still unsure about running what we had been practicing because a lot of it starts off with a cold-read neg that you then have to recover from, and I was afraid that if I didn’t recover well it would be awkward for us to sit there and continue taking their free booze. Anyway, El Topo told me not to even worry about it and just go for it anyway.

I stacked a couple of stories that didn’t really hit, but no one got offended either. I guess it’s kind of like everything else in pick-up, the worst that can happen is that she’s just not that into you, rarely will she throw her drink at you or slap you across the face. Anyway, after doing it a couple of times with the one girl, I felt a lot more confident in the rhythm and there was really no more apprehension about it the rest of the night.

We decide to leave the cathouse and head over to the circle bar at the Hard Rock. The last couple of nights we’ve ended up at the Hard Rock but there wasn’t really too much going on. Tonight though, there are definitely quite a few more people, and I knew that I’d be able to get a lot more practice on some pretty hot girls.

Because the Hard Rock is such a chill bar, you don’t need to really be obsessed with the 3 second rule or anything and are probably better off just picking your spot. There was this three set of two cute girls and one chubbo that kept getting approached by guys and so I just wanted it to mellow out a bit before I went in. Things weren’t really happening with that, we decided to do a lap around the bar.

I see this blond girl who seems really cute from across the bar, and it looks like a good logistic situation, i.e. I won’t be interrupting anything worth talking about. I go up to her and open her direct, and start with simple questions about where she’s from and how it’s my first time in Vegas. By this time I realize that up close she’s actually not as cute as she was from afar; her face looks like she’s done some meth or was a heavy smoker, her body wasn’t as tight as I thought, but things were going well so I figured I’d just kind of stick it out for a bit and not worry about it. It was funny because there were these two chodey guys standing right there looking totally intimidated by the way that she was feeling me as I go into some of the stuff that I had been practicing that night. Eventually one of them interjects and lets me know that she’s married to his brother, but I figured I’d just keep going because I wasn’t that into her anyway but the conversation was going well and practice was the objective. We continue talking for another 10-15 minutes and when her friend (who was the bachelorette, though cuter than the blond) gets a call from the blonde’s husband and passes the phone to the blond. I take this opportunity to eject.

Now I have a much better logistical entry into that set I was eyeing earlier. I go up to the hot blond girl and open her direct, but she’s showing a lot of disinterest, and eventually sort of walks away. I stay in and continue talking to the fat friend who tells me that the blond is married and it’s a girls’ night out. I start explaining to her how that’s cool but I wish that when I opened her friend direct she had just said that rather than being coy and back turning me. At this point the other hot one, a smokin’ brunette girl who I decided afterward was actually hotter than the blond anyway, comes in and I have license to start talking to her. Things start going pretty well when this Australian dude who had met them earlier when I was waiting out the logistics comes in and sort of breaks my rhythm a little. Anyway, things seem fine, he’s actually a really cool guy despite the fact that he’s trying to tool me, and I end up befriending him and trying to go back in with the brunette.

This part I’m not quite sure what happened but the brunette started out into me and it fizzled out at some point. El Topo said I did something awkward with my baiting where I should have leaned in to grab her and pull her into my body rather than reach out and try to pull her in. I think that it was a combination of this and the blond girl saying something to her. In any case, she ends up telling me that this Australian guy is her boyfriend which I know is complete bullshit because she had earlier made a point of telling me that she was single and the Australian guy told me he had just me them that night. Anyway, I wasn’t going to argue, so I eject.

I talk to El Topo about what went wrong in that set for a few minutes, when this cute blond girl walks by. We had seen her earlier, and she looked like she had a fun personality, although she had a really unfeminine walk which was turning me off a little. Anyway, when she walks by this time, I decide that it’s definitely time to go talk to her. We can tell she’s a little drunk by the way she’s walking, but more than that we can tell that she’s definitely DTF.  Before I go in I tell El Topo, “Dude, I am definitely going to fuck that girl tonight.” She’s there with two friends, so I open her direct and quickly back turn her friends and break her off from the group. I’m giving off a really sexual vibe with my body language and as I run some of the stuff I’ve been practicing, I realize that even though I’m going for resistance and recovery, she’s giving me none, so I just keep going.

She has these tattoos of 5 big stars that arc under her belly button and partially disappear into her jeans, and another tattoo on her wrist. I look at the tattoo on her wrist, and say, “Jesus woman how many tattoos do you have? I love this one… these too (as I run my fingers along her g-line and over her tattoos). She tells me that she only has those tattoos, but she has her nipples pierced. I tell her that I want to feel the piercings and start groping her boobs, but can’t feel the piercings. I tell her I have to take a look, and pull down her shirt so I can see them. I tell her that they are so fucking sexy and how she’s a bad girl and making me think bad thoughts. I tell her that I’m trying really hard not to kiss her, and then go in for the make out.

This girl is a fucking horrible kisser. Maybe the worst kisser I have ever kissed. She opens her mouth as wide as possible like T-Rex style like she’s trying to eat my face. She also has garlicky breath, which is turning me off big time, and ends up being a major factor later when I’m fucking her. Either way, I tell her that I want to do horrible things to her, and start screening for logistics. At this point I’ve been maybe talking to her for 10 minutes. She says that she can’t leave her friends, fucking lame, but whatever. I say, “Let’s go to the bathroom.” She starts questioning it, but I grab her and start taking her. At this point her friend comes in and asks where we’re going. “Oh we’re just going to get a drink” I say, although it makes no sense because we’re at the bar and going away from it. The friend tells the girl that I’m cute, and she makes me pinky swear that I’ll bring her friend back. I look at my watch, it’s 3:05, and I tell her I’ll bring her back by 3:20. We go.

As we’re going into the bathroom, I ask a guy coming out of there’s a bathroom attendant. There isn’t, sweet. We go into a stall and she knows the score. No resistance whatsoever. She pulls down her pants and bends over. Now even though I’m trying to fuck her, I’m actually really not turned on by her because of the shitty kissing and bad breath and I end up not really getting very hard. I start fucking her anyway expecting that I’ll stiffen up, and I do for a bit, but then I start to go down again. She tells me I have whiskey dick and I don’t disagree even though that’s really not the reason. I sit on the toilet and she starts giving me head. She’s actually not bad at it, even though most girls fucking suck at it. I get hard again and she climbs on top of me. She starts bouncing up and down really hard and does so for like 5 minutes, before saying that she’s tired. Now she’s still on my lap with me inside her, and I am kissing her on her neck and sucking her nipples just because. She starts fucking again for a bit, but then decides that we’re both too drunk to get off. I tell her it’s cool, but let’s try again tomorrow when we’re sober (and I can give her gum if her breath is bad again). I tell her that I have an extra ticket to Cirque de Soleil and I want her to come, then afterward we can go back to my room and have some real fun. She agrees, and things are good. Before we leave, I tell her that I want to take a picture of her, and pull out my camera and do it.

We leave the stall, there’s this black guy standing there looking at me jealously. Actually we were getting all kinds of weird looks from guys, probably because there’s a hot girl in the men’s bathroom. I wash my hands, she fixes her hair, and we leave to find her friends. Afterward, El Topo and I go for pancakes and debrief.


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13 Responses to “LR – 15 Minute Bathroom Pull”

  1. Matt Savage Says:

    Haha, dude, that was great! You’ll have to let us know how the day 2 goes.

    By the way, what the heck is DTF? I’m not up on my acronyms lately…

  2. Hammer Says:

    I think it’s from Superbad although I’m pretty sure I’ve been using it since way before then. DTF stands for Down to Fuck.

    BTW the Day 2 didn’t end up happening, who knows why. My guess is that the sex was not good so she didn’t want to try it again, although I blame her (and the size of the stall) for that.

  3. Honey Says:

    This seems equal parts sad and scary to me. What about STDs? Now you have to tell Rian AND use a condom for the next 6 months until all your tests come back clean. Unless you used a condom?

    Plus I don’t think sleeping with girls that easy really proves anything except that you are good at identifying them.

  4. Benedict M. Smith Says:

    F’ING CLASSIC. Well done and respect.

  5. Hammer Says:

    Of course I used a condom… I carry two in my pocket at all times.

  6. Infinity Says:

    Good stuff, my man! El Topo taught you well.

  7. Lance Says:

    Pretty cool. What exactly were some of the routines and stacking that Topo had you do?

    I would have a hard time with a garlic breathed chick, for sure. Probably wouldn’t be able to nail her.

  8. Hammer Says:

    He didn’t teach me specific routines, as much as he taught me a couple of structures to storytelling that incorporates baiting, framing, push-pull, fractionating, and cold-read ladders among other things. Here’s an example of something I just thought of off of the top of my head:

    What do you do?
    (girl answers)
    Oh that’s cool, but I can totally tell that you’re a super independent type of girl.
    (girl responds)
    But I bet you weren’t always that way. I bet that when you were younger you always wanted to be blond, maybe even dyed your hair for a while…
    (girl responds)
    No no no! It’s cool, I don’t judge! But then as you got older you totally went the other way and became proud of your brunette hair…
    (girl responds)
    But the thing is, even though you’re super independent and career oriented in your professional life, I can tell that in your personal life you prefer when the guy takes control of the relationship.
    (girl responds)
    This always gets you into trouble though and you end up dating assholes.

    This has a couple of easy cold reads that imply the third one is true. The third one is a strike at her core sexual identity, which will make her very comfortable with you. There’s some great framing in here too. You frame yourself as non-judgmental, you frame her as independent, and you frame her as wanting you to lead the interaction, making her more likely to follow your directives.

  9. Lance Says:

    Cool, good stuff there. I’ve read a bunch of Topo’s posts and always thought it was fascinating how precise and structured it was.

  10. Hammer Says:

    Yea man, that’s just an example of a cold read ladder right there. You can do that literally off of the opener. “Excuse me, sorry to interrupt, but I thought you were really cute and wanted to come talk to you. I’m Hammer. What do you do?”

    There is so much more, I need to go back and look through it, but I’ve already started to internalize some of the baiting. One thing that’s interesting is that El Topo talks about going too far and recovering. So in the context of a story, you have a premise, then a sexual neg, then the meat of the story/recovery, and finish with a positive frame that’s conducive to getting laid.

    “I used to have a job in sales and had to get really good at reading people. Like I can totally tell by the way you put on your makeup that like always have 5 things going on at once and you don’t finish what you start… No it’s cool, I don’t judge. But yea, working in sales, you really need to be able to read people and anticipate their reactions so you don’t misstep. Like with you I can tell that you’re very emotionally aware… But the thing is, there’s this other side of you; fuck I don’t even think I want to know that side. Shit dude I should stay away you’re probably going to try to pull out the whips and handcuffs from your closet! But come here let me ask you something…”

    This structure basically replaces most C&F in El Topo’s game and builds a much stronger attraction. As you transition into comfort you fractionate less and lower your voice tonality, but you maintain some of the baiting and check-ins. You want to put sexuality on the table early but then you can go away from it and with just your body language keep it sexual.

  11. sandy Says:

    hey man MAD PROPS!

    Ive read alot of stuff and done bootcamps and not happy with results…I read this and see this ELTopo is a good person but I wonder how intense his 1 on 1 is?
    hey you got a awesome result like a rookie going in for a windmill dunk at a slamdunk contest!
    bravo kid bravo !
    Good job! : )

  12. The G Manifesto Says:

    Good story.

    The Hard Rock in Las Vegas is one of the easiest places to swoop girls in the world.

    I stopped going there a long time ago, it got too easy.

    – MPM

  13. gaiusuticensis Says:


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