Got to love the Sleeper Hotties!

Yesterday was supposed to be my first date from the internet since firing up my profile again last Sunday. I was actually really excited about it because the girl who I had the date scheduled with was just my personality type: nice little sassy attitude, likes to be challenged, super independent, etc. It was funny, in her response to my first email she asked me the same question I had asked her, which is pretty common because hot girls on dating sites tend to have this ridiculously overblown sense of entitlement, so they don’t feel the need to invest much energy into crafting responses or being creative. So in my response, I basically called her out on it but answered the question anyway and then told her it was weird trying to get to know someone via email and asked for her number. Anyway, here’s her second response to me, after which I could tell she was a cool chick:

Hey Hammer,

I KNEW you would call me out on repeating your question!! Haha, I completely laughed out loud when I read that you did! I even tried to think for a second of how to change it to be creative, but it was A) already a great question and B) my brain was super slow last night – I was going on 36 hrs of awake time after spending the night in the hospital with my roommate (she was the patient, not me). So I do apologize for my lack of creativity, and I very much appreciate that you didn’t allow it to slide by.

Yes, definitely give me a call whenever you get a chance. I’ll be around most of the day tomorrow, and then Sunday will be having Easter festivities with friends. Talk to you soon!



Things to note about this response that illustrate her being my type: I knew you would call me out, I completely laughed out loud, I very much appreciate that you didn’t let it slide by. I ended up talking to her on Sunday, she was super fun to talk to, and so we scheduled a date for Monday. I scheduled for Monday because she is going away Tues for the rest of the week, and I was going to try and lay her before she goes away (weird things happen to a woman’s brain on vacation). I had the multiple venue thing all planned out: we were going to start off grabbing burgers from this really good but cheap burger place that is notorious for having really long lines, then see this documentary about the student elections in my High School, then go out for drinks to talk about it (and probably end up in her bed). She texted me Monday afternoon cancelling the date because the above roommate was being discharged. We flirted over text for another half hour to keep momentum, but in the meantime I texted this other match girl who I’d been talking with but wasn’t nearly as excited to see (call her HBSleeperHottie) inviting her to the same plans I had with HBSuperSass. I do plan on trying to escalate over the phone with HBSuperSass, probably trying to get phone sex with her tonight or tomorrow.

So HBSleeperHottie can’t do the plans that I had made with HBSuperSass because she has movie plans with her friends for later in the night, but offers to meet for drinks after work. Fair enough, we schedule a meet in Union Square and with the plan to go to this place which is maybe my favorite date bar because there are couches, it has a nice ambiance, and it’s always empty. I actually discovered this place on a Saturday night when I was bar hopping and realized it was empty even then. So she finds me waiting there, and right off the bat, I’m like WOW! This is the same girl? I was expecting to be on a date with a 7 and instead I was on a date with a 9. Not that it matters, I don’t do anything differently either way, and I wasn’t trying to sleep with her because logistics were bad; I was just trying to escalate to a make-out and build interest, get her to masturbate thinking about me later that night (I’ll report back on that when I ask her in the debrief after I sleep with her).

I actually talked to her about her sleeper hottiness. I told her that she must be really unphotogenic because in her pictures she was cute enough and the real reason I was emailing her because she seemed cool, but in person, she’s absolutely gorgeous. I might have actually lost some points in doing so, but whatever, it was an excuse to talk about how I met my last two girlfriends off the interweb and was a very experienced online dater, which sort of builds preselection. You see, some girls are too hot to post good pictures of themselves online because they will just get flooded with guys making sexual comments about them and really not reading their profile. Rian was a sleeper hottie too. She looked cute in her pictures, but she didn’t have any shots below the neck and OKCupid doesn’t ask for body type information (typically you assume that if a girl’s not showing her body it’s for a reason). From her pictures, this girl looked like she was 5’2”, alien eyed, young, and Dominican. In person she’s 5’8”, very fair skinned, has large Angelina Jolie-like blue eyes and a model body. She’s a former ballerina (++++++points for the flexibility!), and has gorgeous curly light brown hair with an amazing smile.

Instantly this girl skyrocketed herself in my numbers list above all of the other girls, including HBSuperSass and a smokin hot redhead shot girl who’s number I got on Friday night. Whether she has long term potential, I won’t decide until after having sex with her, but she hasn’t disqualified herself yet, so that’s a big plus. I’m going to try to schedule her for Thursday, we’ll see if that works out, until then, play on playa!

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5 Responses to “Got to love the Sleeper Hotties!”

  1. Honey Says:

    I am SO GLAD not to be dating casually anymore…

  2. Benedict M. Smith Says:

    props on the Dominican tip….and you’re right about the vacation bit. i’ve had more than a couple girls go haywire after going somewhere.

  3. Hammer Says:

    She’s not Dominican at all. She just sort of looked Dominican in her pictures. I pretty much only like white girls, so I was pleasantly surprised.

  4. DrSmoothie Says:

    9’s and 10’s online? this can’t be A buddy who just broke off an engagment started using match and the girls’ pofiles all looked like they were hurrrrrrting!

  5. loopflash Says:

    I have been searching for sites related to this. Glad I found you. Thanks

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