FU Report – Long Weekend in Austin (Part 2)

We hang out at the house for a while, and check out Austin before going to see Savage talk on female sexuality. By the way, this talk was fucking amazing, and while I didn’t get too much out of it personally since I’m just sort of past that point in my game, I can’t begin to tell you how much having heard this talk when I was just starting out would have accelerated my learning curve. Savage is giving that same talk at the Under 21 Convention and I will all but guarantee that it will be one of the top 5 talks there. I’ll post a link to it on this blog if/when it goes up on the site.

As we’re heading out, I talk to HBWorldTraveler and try to make plans to see her, but after talking to her a couple of times and working out temporary plans she ends up not calling me back, so I next her ass like that show on MTV. We go out, El Topo was on teaching duty, so I tag along for a bit with them before breaking off to do my own thing. We started at Molotov on W. 6th St.

As a side note, it never ceases to amaze me how hard and quickly Steve (El Topo) hooks. He did a seated two set as a demo, and within a minute or two they are all over him. It’s really unreal. I used to think it was just superpowers, but it’s something that I’ve been specifically working on since doing my program with him and learning how he does it, and I’ve started to see flashes of those results. Last weekend (the weekend after Austin), for example, I met a really awesome girl (super cute, works in investment banking, similar sense of humor and music tastes) for 10 minutes early in the night, and while I didn’t think it was going very well, she told me to take her number, and I sort of realized at that point that I was just misreading her. After I took her number, I made sure she had mine and told her to text me later and let me know where she is. She must have known what that meant because she ended up texting me at 3:10am. Granted, I didn’t check it until about 4:30, but I’ve hung out with her since then and it’s pretty fucking on.

Anyway, Molotov was a pretty cool place, definitely the type of place I would regularly hit up if I lived there, although the crowd was maybe a little older on average than I’d like. We end up bouncing around a bit at which point I basically decide that it’s time for me to go solo. I head back to Molotov and start doing my thing. I walk in, stop, gaze the room for a minute, then proceed upstairs. Right as I get up there, the Cupid Shuffle comes on, and so I try to organize people to get it going but no one’s playing along. So fuck them, I start doing the Cupid Shuffle myself. People start joining me, and by the end of the song I’m leading a group of maybe 20 people dancing in unison. Of course, while this is going on, I’m deciding who I’m going to approach and how.

The song ends, and I see a super hottie, at least a 9 (call her HBNurse), with a friend. I go in, grab her and open direct, exchange names, meet her friend, and mini-isolate her. It’s pretty on. We’re talking, she asks me where my drink is, I tell her I haven’t gotten one yet and she should buy me one. She laughs and says that I should be the one offering to buy her one. I explain to her that I’m awesome and don’t need to pay for women’s attention so I don’t do that, and I think it’s kind of weird that women are okay with guys buying them drinks and that I can’t imagine a confident and independent woman letting a random guy she doesn’t know buy her a drink.

We talk for a while, she decides we should go get drinks, so I use my get waited on first at a crowded bar tactic and order both of our drinks. Without asking she hands me the money for her drink, and all is well. We go sit down, I’m feeling pretty good about the whole situation. At some point she decides she’s going to Rodeo because she knows a bartender who can get her in. I ask her if she can get me in and she says yes. Fuck Up #1, I left my drink Upstairs. We go downstairs with her friend and they tell me that they’re going to finish their drinks and go. Since I left my drink upstairs, they encourage me to go up and get it. It seems like they’re stalling for a way to get rid of me, meaning I either totally misread her interest or more likely she isn’t that confident about being able to get me in, so I tell her that I’m going to go get my drink, and as I’m walking up the stairs I see them whisper to each other and basically run out the door. I take out my phone and text her saying that I’m going to stay there for a while and go ahead without me, but I had already invited her to party at the house so I figure I’d try to text her after everything closes and see if I can make it happen.

There are a couple of things that are important here. First, I number closed her early on in the set in case shit happens later and give her a logistical reason to hang out. Second, I rid her of the guilt of ditching me by excusing her. If she had just ditched me without me making that excuse for her, she’d probably feel too guilty about it to talk to me again because women are very sensitive to social pressure. When I get a text back from her saying “Okay!” as a response to my I’m going to stick around Molotov text, I decide that it’s probably still on.

I grab my beer upstairs and go back down. One of the guys from the lair talk earlier comes up to me and starts talking to me trying to give me advice on my body language with HBNurse. He was going to tell me that my body language was too needy, but what he doesn’t get is that it was on and we were stomach to stomach with my hands pulling her into my dick at the hips. This is a major pet peeve, and so I overreacted, so John if you’re reading this, again I’m sorry about what I said. It was kind of douchey of me to tell you that I don’t need your advice because I’m probably a lot better than you. I decide to prove to John that going direct with aggressive body language actually works really well and probably better than his indirect bullshit, so I tell him to come wing. I see this two set at the bar, one girl is really cute and the other isn’t, but I open the cute one direct, introduce myself, get her name, introduce John to her and then her friend, and then backturn John and the friend to game the cutie. I start talking to HBVeterinarian, things seem like they’re going well, so screen for logistics to try to get her to our “afterparty.” It’s a no go, and me asking her what she’s up to later reminds her that she was in the middle of closing out her tab and leaving, but I number close her in like 5 minutes in front of this guy and tell her we should hang out later.

I go back to John and apologize to him for being such a dick, then head out to meet Steve and his student. We head over to Katz’s Diner for some food, when I get a text from HBNurse saying that she just left Rodeo and is outside. Fuck Up#2: I text her telling her to come to Katz’s and meet me. Right after I do it, Steve tells me that CJ would never do that, he would run out and get her, controlling the logistics. I decide that is enough of a reason to do it, and I go back to Rodeo, but there’s a big crowd and I get lazy so decide fuck it she’s contacted me once and she’ll do it again.

Cut to an hour later, we’re in the car going back and she texts me asking where the party is. She had gone to a gay bar after closing time or something and was just leaving. Alright great, I ask her if she has a GPS, she does, so I give her the address. Fuck Up #3: Having a conscience about bending the truth. We continue texting, and I feel a little bad about her expecting a party when there’s really nothing going on, so I basically try to switch strategies. My strategy is now, the party is dying, but come over so we can fuck. I start textcalating, but it doesn’t happen.

I guess my end game logistics still need some work.

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6 Responses to “FU Report – Long Weekend in Austin (Part 2)”

  1. Lance Says:

    Dude, I really want to know what the deal is with the house. I’ll ask you next time over IM.

  2. Hmmm Says:

    I find your attitude kind of gross, but I think it’s hilarious that after reading about six or seven blog posts about how hard you are trying to make every encounter about finding sex, you never seem to succeed! Maybe you should try making an actual connection first.

    I wish fewer guys had your attitude because it would make online dating a lot less exhausting for women like me.

  3. Hammer Says:

    What’s wrong with my attitude? The fact that I like secure and sexually empowered women who aren’t afraid to do things that they want to do and don’t care what other people think of them?

  4. Hmmm Says:

    The fact that your primary goal is to “score”. I don’t have a moral problem with casual sex per se, and I’ve had a handful of one night stands and other casual encounters. But what I’ve learned from those experiences is that when I have sex with someone it makes me feel emotionally connected to him. Casual sex is too emotionally — and potentially physically due to STD risk — “expensive” for me. It feels like a shallow experience. This has nothing to do with security and/or sexual empowerment. It does, however, mean that I would not be interested in dating someone who takes your approach. I need to develop trust in someone before I can be legitimately interested in having a sexual relationship with him.

    Anyway, good luck. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  5. Hammer Says:

    No, that attitude does come from a place of low self esteem and a need for validation. A more secure person would be able to let herself be vulnerable to someone without risking her own ego.

    That’s totally fine that you’re not interested in dating someone like me; I’m not interested in being every woman’s dream man; I’m trying to date an elite 0.1% of women, and the sooner I screen a potential mate out the better. I always use the baseball analogy that dating me is playing in the big leagues, but most women are not ready for the big leagues and are better off in the minors.

    For me it’s much more expensive (both emotionally and from a time cost perspective) to develop a deep intimacy with someone only to realize that they’re fucking amateur in the bedroom.Last I checked, I don’t have a buckle on my hat, which is how I know that I’m not pilgrim, so why would you expect me to settle?

  6. Hmmm Says:

    There are plenty of ways to be vulnerable, and sex doesn’t need to be first on the list.

    You’re questioning my ego while referring to dating you — which based on your blog doesn’t even consist of dating, it only consists of failed hookup attempts — as “playing in the big leagues”? Hahaha would you tell that to any of these women that you’re trying to “play”?

    I’ve also found that sex improves as I get to know someone. Maybe you are into more exotic forms of sex and get off on the objective experience rather than the connection with your partner. I’m just not programmed that way, and I’m not convinced most women are.

    I have no idea what you mean with your pilgrim analogy. And I’m not sure what any of this has to do suggesting you should settle. If you’re just looking for sex partners, your approach makes sense, but I’m looking for a lot more than just that. If I bought into your approach, I would feel like I was settling for the first hot guy who wanted to bang me without knowing much more about him than whether or not we have a physical connection. Lack of a sexual connection is a dealbreaker, but a great sexual connection is not nearly sufficient for me to have a relationship.

    Most guys with your mentality are pretty thinly veiled about it. So, they’re easy to weed out. I just wish there were fewer of them in Manhattan because I get tired of dealing with it.

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