Game 3.0

Wow! Life’s been pretty crazy lately. I guess I’ve alluded to the fact that my game has DRASTICALLY improved in the last month or so, and not to sound totally PUA cliché but it’s definitely starting to feel like I’ve seen the matrix. I titled this post “Game 3.0” because I really think that we’re starting to see the next wave or innovation in the community, and I wanted to talk a little about what is coming next and where you should look for the next wave.

First some definitions:

Game 1.0: This is the original stuff. Mystery Method, Cocky/Funny, Speed Seduction, etc. In the evolution of pickup, I look at this as the Newtonian physics of pickup; it’s a convenient way to solve the basic problems, and is probably what you should be learning first. But it’s not the end all be all, and when examined at a more advanced level it has many flaws.

Game 2.0: This is the recent wave of Masculinity/Inner Game and Natural Game products that have come out over the last couple of years. It’s more tailored toward more normal guys who are stumbling upon the community that are successful and probably already have social skills but just want a lot more choice when it comes to women instead of feeling like the women are always the ones choosing them. To continue the physics analogy again, Game 2.0 is the equivalent movement to quantum mechanics and relativity.

Game 2.5: Toward the end of the inner game movement, a social circle game movement and a same night lay game movement (featuring sexual framing and logistics management) popped up. I don’t think these quite deserve their own revolution because for the most part it’s merely minor tweaks to what is already out there as opposed to a complete evolution.

Game 3.0: From what I can tell, we’ve got a new set of things coming around the corner. I see Captain Jack and El Topo at the forefront of this movement right now, but as it catches on I have little doubt that there will be others jumping on the bandwagon as always. CJ’s stuff is, for now at least, much more back end and theoretical, although I am sure that it will become more pragmatic as he continues to work with it. El Topo’s stuff is much more outer game related, and it’s all about using your own identity to hook really hard really quickly.  Both of these are game changers, sort of the super-string theory or some otherwise “unifying theory” if you want to round out the physics analogy.

CJ’s new stuff is called “Player in the Game” theory. Basically the idea is, women are attracted to men who are playing the same game as them. In fact, most shit tests are not shit tests as originally defined, but rather screening questions to help determine what game the two of you are playing together and if it is a game she wants to play. The two basic games are the two paths that Savage discusses.

There are four game dynamics, and all of them have to be established in order for your game goal to be completed. As a result, any blowout can be explained as either a disagreement or ambiguity on at least one of the game dynamics. Take a look at the posts here, here, and here to learn more about it. I’m really looking forward to seeing where CJ takes this.

Steve’s stuff is all about hooking. I remember hearing Steve interviewed a while ago, maybe by Adonis of the Charming Rogue, where he talks about how there are people who are better at picking women up or getting laid than him, but no one hooks harder than he does. When I heard that, I realized how true it really is, having experienced it firsthand. I watched Steve pickup a girl at the Hard Rock Circle Bar, then continue to text her essentially all night. He never got a chance to meet up with her that weekend, but he ended up going on vacation with her a month or two later with only text exchanges between meet and flight. He’s putting out a series of videos the first three of which are here, here, and here. Take a look at that stuff because they’re very content rich even though there’s plenty that’s being left out.

Meeting someone for ten minutes and building enough of a connection to meet them in another country sounds like a fluke, I know, but the thing is that Steve does this consistently. In the month of May alone he had something like 6 girls fly to Austin to stay with him at The Ranch. He’s so consistent with his hooking, in fact, that when he went to The 21 Convention to speak, he stayed with a girl all four days. But what’s crazy is that this isn’t some girl he knew from back in the day, no. Steve stayed with a girl he picked up in a coffee shop when he arrived in Orlando. Again, you can say that it’s kind of a fluke, and I’d tend to believe you, but the thing is, that was the plan. He didn’t book a hotel room, he didn’t make plans to stay with friends. Steve’s plan was to pick up a girl to sleep with that weekend and whose house he and Savage and another dude could stay at for all four days. Bobby Rio from TSB Magazine and Great Seducer: Get a Night Life is looking to do an interview with Steve soon, so definitely be on the lookout for that as well.

Six months ago, stuff like this was not even in my realm of possibility when it came to how good you could get. Hell, two months ago, I knew it was possible but it still wasn’t even in my head as something I could potentially do. I still can’t do anything close to this with consistency, but I can imagine a scenario in which I hook a girl hard enough to make it happen, and I can imagine working out the kinks enough that I develop consistency around this hooking capability. I’m sooooo much better than I was just one year ago when I started this blog (and I was pretty good back then). It’s really exciting to imagine where I will be one year from now if my skills continue to improve like this.

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