After watching this video of Mehow running his 10 Second Sexual Attraction game live infield, I saw this comment on the video:

Striking Swede says:

R-Bone, after reading your post I feel like I wanna see a challenge too. I make childish vivid scenes in my head with different gurus, calling it a battle or fight instead, where it’s one scarce girl at a time having to be picked up. The winners between Hypnotica vs Matador, David DeAngelo vs Mehow, and finally Jeffy vs Sinn then face off in some finale to pick up the sassiest, hottest chick of all times, both with suprisingly cool amogs from unsuspected sources (Eben Pagan having read Mehow blog says “your wife just called, the kids wonder when the heat will be back on” and Mehow responds with “dude, you’re like Bart Simpson all grown up…”

Yes… And epic confrontation of tight game, astonishing amounts of mad amoging and nasty elbows to eachothers chests… Mehow starts round 1 by peacocking as a buff ballerina, Sinn comes in dressed like THIS… Yes an epic battle indeed, filmed like Keys to the VIP, with commentators Tyler Durden, Ross Jeffries, David Shade and Mark Cunningham. Tyler wears a rat costume, Ross’ personality for the day is Vlad Tepes (Dracula), Shade has somehow found a vaginadress that he keeps salivating on, and Mark has hypnotized the announcer girl to give him a blowjob under the entire show.

One can only dream of what then happens, as mystery guest Bill Clinton shows up to show the boys how it’s done, only he doesn’t realize that he’s hitting on a his own wife, while she’s dressed up as a fat darkhaired intern who just brushed her teeth. You can tell because she still has… no wait, that’s not toothpaste!

The plot thickens..



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