NFL Betting – Week 2

What’s up guys? I had a pretty good week betting last week, winning a total of $170 (If the fucking Bears had just held onto the football it would have been another $110). Anyway, I forgot to post my bets for this week on here, but I did pretty poorly, particularly compared to last week’s results.

3 Team Teaser (6 points)

$100 Titans over Texans -1, Vikings over Lions -4, Patriots over Jets +2

Result- LOSS. Fucking Pats your defense was embarrassing against the rook QB

Single Bet

$30 Carolina over Atlanta.

Result- LOSS. Really didn’t expect the Falcons to beat the Panthers. They didn’t look very good against the Eagles last week, but I thought that was because they were playing the Eagles. Lesson learned I guess?


$55 Steelers over Bears +3 and Steelers/Bears under 43.5

Result- PUSH. Kind of lame, the Steelers missed 2 field goals at the end, but at least I get my money back.

$55 Giants over Dallas +9 and Giants/Cowboys over 39

Result- TBD


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