NFL Betting – Week 3

Last week was kind of a rough week. My bet on the Giants/Cowboys game didn’t end up going through because of some error on the Bodog website, but I ended up winning $100 on the Monday night game, making me -$30 on the week last week but +$140 on the season.

My picks for this week are:


$55 Giants over Bucks -1 and Giants/Bucks over 38

$55 Bills over Saints +12 and Bills/Saints over 46

$55 Redskins over Lions -0.5 and Redskins/Lions over 32.5 (part of my always bet against the Lions strategy)


$33 (to win $80.40) Titans over Jets +3 and Colts over Cardinals +2.5

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One Response to “NFL Betting – Week 3”

  1. Hammer Says:

    So I got my shit kicked in this week and lost all of my bets, but I made up for it winning $200 on the Colts in the Sunday night game.

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