Psychological Addiction Through Intermittent Reward

A couple weeks ago I got my hands on an account to BitSeduce and went download crazy. I basically downloaded an entire library of pickup material and stored it on an external hard drive  before getting kicked off for having a poor Upload/Download ratio. It’s kind of bs to me because there was no way that I could have a good download ratio since no one was downloading anything from me, but oh well, I pretty much got everything I could possibly ever want for anyone off of it.

I have no plans on watching, listening to, or reading everything I downloaded, but there definitely have been a few things I’ve been checking out. The programs that I’ve been going through have mainly been focused on relationship management and specifically getting a girlfriend to do the things that you want her to do.

I have quite a bit of experience with relationship management, but up to this point my strategy for getting what I want from a girl is purely based on compliance and denial of attention (e.g. “I understand if you don’t want to have a threesome but I have threesomes in my relationships and if that’s not okay with you then let’s take a break”). I still have a bunch of programs to go through, but so far the one that I really really loved that I would recommend to anyone in a relationship is NathanX’s Relationship Management program. It talks a lot about relationship dynamics and value balances as well as reframing beliefs in order to get what you want out of a girl and “build a better girlfriend” as Mark Cunningham puts it (this is another program on the to watch list).

Getting back into the theoretical side of things a little has given me the motivation to finally dive into Mehow’s “10 Second Sexual Attraction” course which I talked about a while back, having recently gotten my hands on the program through Demonoid. So far, I’m very impressed. I expected 10SSA to be specifically about the mid-game strategy that he has developed from watching Kamoflauge and Hypnotica, but it is really an all encompassing pickup book from what I can tell. Maybe not quite as in depth as something like Magic Bullets, but at least the first part of it gets pretty in depth about lifestyle design, which is probably as important if not more important to the pickup as techniques.

In his book, Mehow brings up a really interesting point about psychological addiction, and how you can use compliments and what he describes as “edge elements” to get a woman addicted to your attention in the same way that a slot machine does through “intermittent reward.” Intermittent reward is a seemingly random system of positive and negative reinforcement which actually causes the subject to want the payout more than if you were to just give consistent positive reinforcement.

I have heard something similar to this once before. I don’t recall where at the moment, but I remember reading or hearing something about how love is chemically addictive in the brain, and the withdrawl from those chemicals are what make breakups so difficult. As I read on in Mehow’s book, I look forward to learning more about how to specifically cultivate this addiction, but in the meantime I think that being conscious of this process can really help with your game.

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Day Game is Fucking Easy…

I don’t really do much day game, in fact I can count my non-night game approaches this summer on one hand, and there are a lot of reasons for this. The first and most important is that I don’t have the patience or time for it. Even in NYC, women who are hot enough for me to justify approaching are few and far between, so I can walk around for literally 2-3 hours and not run into any women of that caliber. Then again, there are other times where I’ll be in a hurry to get somewhere and I’ll see five women who I should approach but just don’t really have time to. The second reason I haven’t been doing day game is that I have had a pretty regular stream of quality women that I’ve been meeting lately at night and wouldn’t have the time to go out with the women were it to go successfully. Then of course there’s the whole having the balls to do it; it takes time to psych yourself into the headspace (or at least it does for me) and there are definitely times where I see someone I want to talk to and I just take too long to decide to make the move.

It’s really hypocritical of me to not be doing day game. I’ve been sort of semi-instructing my friend on his journey lately (not that I’m really all that qualified to do so), and a big part of this has been getting his ass fired up to approach, particularly during the day since it’s more conducive to what he likes and wants. The thing is though, he’s been doing this for months, and yet he’s not getting results. He’s not really getting dates, and one of his first approaches in a pizza shop led to a lay but it was clearly a fluke with a girl who just wanted it because he hasn’t had a day game lay since.

I went on a “day game” date last night, although I put it in quotes because even though it was a day game style street approach, it was at 9 PM last Friday and was decidedly dark outside at the time, and it reminded me how fucking easy day game is. When I approached her, Kiwi and I were walking around my neighborhood totally smashed after coming from a free open bar. We had been sort of teasing each other about our game, i.e. he was teasing me about my game and I was laughing at him because my results speak for themselves, when I saw him approach and get blown out quickly. So I now had material to knock him on, which I proceeded to do for a block and a half, at which point I told him that I was going to show him how it was done and I ran up and approached this girl who was about a block ahead of us.

A couple of interesting things about this particular approach:

1) I scared the shit out of her, and I think it worked to my advantage. When I approached, I walked up ahead of her to check out her face for a second, then dipped behind her for a moment before touching her arm and opening. She had headphones on so she didn’t see or hear me coming and was startled, but I used very passive body language backing off a full five feet and apologizing for startling her (note: for startling her, not for approaching her or interrupting her), and we started talking. I think scaring her helped me though, possibly by crossing signals with attraction switches and making me seem hotter.

2) She is at the very least three years older than me, and it hasn’t come up at all. Usually women her age will qualify me on my age immediately, since they don’t like dating guys younger than them, and I look about 6 years younger than I actually am (23). So since it hasn’t come up, even on our three hour date, I think she’s probably concerned that her being as old as she is will disqualify her from me. That means that my frame is good, and she’s interpreting me as “the chooser.”

3) She was totally dressed down when I approached, so I didn’t realize how fucking hot she was! When I saw her from behind, I could tell she was definitely in the range, but for some reason I thought she had a little junk in the trunk (maybe it was the loose t-shirt covering her ass) and I knew that her face was already showing her age, so after getting her number, she wasn’t exactly that high on my priority list. But when last night opened up, she got her shot, and wow was I wrong about her body. She had just run a half marathon yesterday, and the fact that she was a runner definitely showed. Tight little body (spinner!!), totally flat stomach (with a belly button piercing), nice rounded athletic ass, basically totally perfect fuck buddy material. It’s always nice to find a sleeper hottie.

4) She thanked me for approaching her as we said goodbye. This further confirms my hypothesis that women like to be approached by guys they’re interested in having sex with. It’s nice to have that positive reinforcement, especially since it’s such a socially awkward thing to do. I’ve pretty much always had success with day game, but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t going to be personal obstacles to overcome in order to man up. I fully believe that we are evolutionarily hard coded with approach anxiety to prevent approaching the wrong women (which would lead to being killed by an alpha of the tribe, a phenomenon that still occurs in many cousin species), and it always amazes me the mental gymnastics that my mind can do despite such blatant evidence in my personal experience to the contrary.

Alright well I wanted to touch on a few things that I notice about what I do differently from my buddy that I think a lot of guys who are having trouble doing day game might be doing wrong. The first thing is that he’s not being genuine with women. He’s using no inflection when he complements and making it seem like he does this all the time (which he does), but the problem is that he’s not making them feel special. When I go direct on the street, I have this very coy attitude and come across non-threatening. My friend isn’t getting the results that he wants, and I keep telling him that he needs to do a better job of being genuine, but he refuses saying opening is not his problem because he’s getting into conversations with women. Yet I’ve seen him in conversations with women, and the dynamic isn’t right from the beginning. He’ll figure it out eventually, but for now, you guys can learn from his mistake.

The next BIG mistake he’s making is that he’s not stopping women. I don’t really understand why he doesn’t do this one, but it makes such a difference. Even when you’re going in the same direction as a woman, stop her to talk. You’re important, and it builds compliance. As you open, stop and wait for her to stop. Then talk to her, and if after a few minutes you want to walk together, do that on your terms.

The last mistake he’s making is that he’s not having interesting conversations. Everything is logistics, where she’s going, what she does, etc. There’s no emotion, nothing that is going to hook her. It comes down to being interesting and likeability. He’s not taking a genuine interest in these women and as a result he’s not receiving a genuine interest from them. So he’s getting numbers, but they’re all flakes. Flakes happen a lot in night game, and no matter how good you are you’re still going to have at least a 25-50% flake ratio there, but during the day they really shouldn’t happen very much.

Anyway, just to round out the story, I didn’t lay the girl on the date last night, but we made out quite a bit and if there’s a next time, I think that it’ll happen with near certainty.

Not Getting the Results You Want?

I read an article recently about people “opting out” (i.e.. giving up) of dating on Simone Grant’s blog, and it really made me kind of think about myself and how I just really can’t identify with the experience of ever having a desire to give up on anything, let alone something as important as one’s love life. I see people do it all the time, but it’s just something that I don’t understand intellectually. It’s just my personality and how I was raised. A million things can go wrong in my life but I still believe with every ounce of my being that I deserve happiness and if I work at it eventually I’ll get it right.

It’s so incredible to me how many parallels there are between entrepreneurship/business/sales and dating. Most of the most successful people in the world aren’t successful because they got lucky the first time around; they’re successful because every time they failed they viewed it as one more idea that didn’t work bringing them a step closer to an idea that would.

People talk about how Thomas Edison tried thousands of failed designs when he was trying to invent the light bulb before he finally created one that worked, or even how long actors and musicians pound the pavement trying to get a break before they hit it big. The constant is always that these people believe that they DESERVE the success that is around the corner for them and it’s never about the goal, but rather about enjoying the journey, and knowing that the more difficult the road the better it will feel when you arrive at your destination.

There are definitely two distinct types of people in the world when it comes to goal setting and ambition. There’s the person who reads a book like “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss and thinks it’s a cute story but is not replicable for them or anyone else (this is the feeling that I got when I read the Dateable Dork’s blog post on pondering her road ahead), then there’s the person who reads that book and feels like he just got slapped across the face by the voice of reason. He realizes that his life fell off track somewhere along the way and it’s about time that he get his shit together. What’s funny about it is that a lot of the people who think that way about career ambitions often think the opposite way about their love life.

I’m sure that many of you have heard all of this stuff before and for most of you it will not resonate, but for someone like me, this is how I think, and that’s the difference between successful people and everyone else. It’s the difference talked about in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Call it delusional, call it idealistic, say it’s because I’m young and haven’t been beaten down by the world yet, but fuck you! I am delusional, I live in my own reality, but you know what? By believing it, it becomes true. One of my favorite t-shirts I own is a shirt from Reflect Ts that says “I create my reality” on it backwards so that I can read it to myself in a mirror. Maybe some of you need to think back to who you were at the age of 23 and imagine what that version of yourself would say about the current one.

Game 3.0

Wow! Life’s been pretty crazy lately. I guess I’ve alluded to the fact that my game has DRASTICALLY improved in the last month or so, and not to sound totally PUA cliché but it’s definitely starting to feel like I’ve seen the matrix. I titled this post “Game 3.0” because I really think that we’re starting to see the next wave or innovation in the community, and I wanted to talk a little about what is coming next and where you should look for the next wave.

First some definitions:

Game 1.0: This is the original stuff. Mystery Method, Cocky/Funny, Speed Seduction, etc. In the evolution of pickup, I look at this as the Newtonian physics of pickup; it’s a convenient way to solve the basic problems, and is probably what you should be learning first. But it’s not the end all be all, and when examined at a more advanced level it has many flaws.

Game 2.0: This is the recent wave of Masculinity/Inner Game and Natural Game products that have come out over the last couple of years. It’s more tailored toward more normal guys who are stumbling upon the community that are successful and probably already have social skills but just want a lot more choice when it comes to women instead of feeling like the women are always the ones choosing them. To continue the physics analogy again, Game 2.0 is the equivalent movement to quantum mechanics and relativity.

Game 2.5: Toward the end of the inner game movement, a social circle game movement and a same night lay game movement (featuring sexual framing and logistics management) popped up. I don’t think these quite deserve their own revolution because for the most part it’s merely minor tweaks to what is already out there as opposed to a complete evolution.

Game 3.0: From what I can tell, we’ve got a new set of things coming around the corner. I see Captain Jack and El Topo at the forefront of this movement right now, but as it catches on I have little doubt that there will be others jumping on the bandwagon as always. CJ’s stuff is, for now at least, much more back end and theoretical, although I am sure that it will become more pragmatic as he continues to work with it. El Topo’s stuff is much more outer game related, and it’s all about using your own identity to hook really hard really quickly.  Both of these are game changers, sort of the super-string theory or some otherwise “unifying theory” if you want to round out the physics analogy.

CJ’s new stuff is called “Player in the Game” theory. Basically the idea is, women are attracted to men who are playing the same game as them. In fact, most shit tests are not shit tests as originally defined, but rather screening questions to help determine what game the two of you are playing together and if it is a game she wants to play. The two basic games are the two paths that Savage discusses.

There are four game dynamics, and all of them have to be established in order for your game goal to be completed. As a result, any blowout can be explained as either a disagreement or ambiguity on at least one of the game dynamics. Take a look at the posts here, here, and here to learn more about it. I’m really looking forward to seeing where CJ takes this.

Steve’s stuff is all about hooking. I remember hearing Steve interviewed a while ago, maybe by Adonis of the Charming Rogue, where he talks about how there are people who are better at picking women up or getting laid than him, but no one hooks harder than he does. When I heard that, I realized how true it really is, having experienced it firsthand. I watched Steve pickup a girl at the Hard Rock Circle Bar, then continue to text her essentially all night. He never got a chance to meet up with her that weekend, but he ended up going on vacation with her a month or two later with only text exchanges between meet and flight. He’s putting out a series of videos the first three of which are here, here, and here. Take a look at that stuff because they’re very content rich even though there’s plenty that’s being left out.

Meeting someone for ten minutes and building enough of a connection to meet them in another country sounds like a fluke, I know, but the thing is that Steve does this consistently. In the month of May alone he had something like 6 girls fly to Austin to stay with him at The Ranch. He’s so consistent with his hooking, in fact, that when he went to The 21 Convention to speak, he stayed with a girl all four days. But what’s crazy is that this isn’t some girl he knew from back in the day, no. Steve stayed with a girl he picked up in a coffee shop when he arrived in Orlando. Again, you can say that it’s kind of a fluke, and I’d tend to believe you, but the thing is, that was the plan. He didn’t book a hotel room, he didn’t make plans to stay with friends. Steve’s plan was to pick up a girl to sleep with that weekend and whose house he and Savage and another dude could stay at for all four days. Bobby Rio from TSB Magazine and Great Seducer: Get a Night Life is looking to do an interview with Steve soon, so definitely be on the lookout for that as well.

Six months ago, stuff like this was not even in my realm of possibility when it came to how good you could get. Hell, two months ago, I knew it was possible but it still wasn’t even in my head as something I could potentially do. I still can’t do anything close to this with consistency, but I can imagine a scenario in which I hook a girl hard enough to make it happen, and I can imagine working out the kinks enough that I develop consistency around this hooking capability. I’m sooooo much better than I was just one year ago when I started this blog (and I was pretty good back then). It’s really exciting to imagine where I will be one year from now if my skills continue to improve like this.

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After watching this video of Mehow running his 10 Second Sexual Attraction game live infield, I saw this comment on the video:

Striking Swede says:

R-Bone, after reading your post I feel like I wanna see a challenge too. I make childish vivid scenes in my head with different gurus, calling it a battle or fight instead, where it’s one scarce girl at a time having to be picked up. The winners between Hypnotica vs Matador, David DeAngelo vs Mehow, and finally Jeffy vs Sinn then face off in some finale to pick up the sassiest, hottest chick of all times, both with suprisingly cool amogs from unsuspected sources (Eben Pagan having read Mehow blog says “your wife just called, the kids wonder when the heat will be back on” and Mehow responds with “dude, you’re like Bart Simpson all grown up…”

Yes… And epic confrontation of tight game, astonishing amounts of mad amoging and nasty elbows to eachothers chests… Mehow starts round 1 by peacocking as a buff ballerina, Sinn comes in dressed like THIS… Yes an epic battle indeed, filmed like Keys to the VIP, with commentators Tyler Durden, Ross Jeffries, David Shade and Mark Cunningham. Tyler wears a rat costume, Ross’ personality for the day is Vlad Tepes (Dracula), Shade has somehow found a vaginadress that he keeps salivating on, and Mark has hypnotized the announcer girl to give him a blowjob under the entire show.

One can only dream of what then happens, as mystery guest Bill Clinton shows up to show the boys how it’s done, only he doesn’t realize that he’s hitting on a his own wife, while she’s dressed up as a fat darkhaired intern who just brushed her teeth. You can tell because she still has… no wait, that’s not toothpaste!

The plot thickens..


Two Paths – My Thoughts

Last week Lance and I had a discussion over AIM about the “Two Paths” concept posed by Jason Savage. Reading that post hit him really hard, and if you’d like to read his thoughts on the subject, he posted about it here. The idea of the two paths is essentially that there are two distinct paths one can take in pickup: 1) You are looking for the one, someone you can connect with deeply and start a life with. 2) You are looking to sow your seed and have a large variety of sexual partners. Savage asserts that if you try to walk between the two paths, you will wind up on neither and unhappy as a result. This is something that I’ve talked about a lot from a technique standpoint, but I have not really discussed much from an internal frame of mind standpoint. In my life it’s always been pretty clear, but talking to others about this, I see the need for a concept like this.

I go through phases in which I’m just looking for random ass. This year, for example, I had a 3-4 month stretch of not taking numbers from women unless I’d had sex with them, with the exception of a situation where I’d take the number to text a girl later in the night. Even in these situations though, I’d delete the number the next day if I didn’t hear back. There are other times where I’m looking specifically for a girlfriend. I’m in a phase like this right now, in fact. I become far less interested in plowing through conversation with girls who I don’t like that much for the sake of getting into their pants.

When I read through Savage’s post the first time, I did take issue with one thing, though. He made it seem like if you’re on one path you have to essentially cut the other out of your life, which speaking from experience I can definitively say is not true. In a more recent post, though, he clarifies this. You see, with two paths, Savage is talking specifically about new people who are trying to develop their skills. Someone who’s been around for a while, and has a more developed skillset in both areas, is more capable of easily jumping from path to path as often as possible.

Savage uses a martial arts analogy: just because you’re trying to learn jiujutsu doesn’t mean that you can’t practice karate sometimes. I don’t necessarily think that this is a very good analogy, but it does illustrate the point that the techniques are essentially different and if you understand that they are totally different and independent of each other, you are easily able to bounce between the two as necessary. I think of it like speaking multiple languages. If you’re talking to someone who only speaks English, you’re not going to speak a combination of English and French to them. Likewise, if you’re speaking to someone who only speaks French, combining languages is going to make communication more difficult.

Even when I’m on Path 1, if I’m talking to a girl who’s clearly not relationship material but seems fun enough and likes me, I will quickly jump to Path 2 and try to make it happen. If I do it early enough in the interaction, the transition can be smooth. Acting like you’re looking for a relationship with a girl who you’re just looking to sleep with is a great way for her to get hurt, or worse, for you to end up in a less than ideal relationship (yes, this is far worse). At the same time, not taking Path 2 with this girl could also mess up your chances on Path 1 because extended periods of time without getting laid can cause needy behavior that can scare quality women away.

Women are great at switching between the two paths. Most women are on Path 1, but are very willing to have a Path 2 romp with the right guy, the type of guy who “doesn’t count” when women tell you how many men they’ve slept with. The type of guy who won’t judge them or spread their business around town, but also won’t try to tie them down afterward. Yes, your innocent sweetheart, the one who you’d do anything for, who’s only slept with two guys before you, both of which were her ex-boyfriends. Even she was having sex with some Hot Marine type of guy for the first couple of months she was dating you. That’s why she was able to hold out on you for two months before having sex; she’d get all worked up out on a date with you then call the guy who doesn’t count, because sleeping with you too early is going to hurt her chances with you long term according to The Rules. You should be doing the same thing.

FU Report – Long Weekend in Austin (Part 2)

We hang out at the house for a while, and check out Austin before going to see Savage talk on female sexuality. By the way, this talk was fucking amazing, and while I didn’t get too much out of it personally since I’m just sort of past that point in my game, I can’t begin to tell you how much having heard this talk when I was just starting out would have accelerated my learning curve. Savage is giving that same talk at the Under 21 Convention and I will all but guarantee that it will be one of the top 5 talks there. I’ll post a link to it on this blog if/when it goes up on the site.

As we’re heading out, I talk to HBWorldTraveler and try to make plans to see her, but after talking to her a couple of times and working out temporary plans she ends up not calling me back, so I next her ass like that show on MTV. We go out, El Topo was on teaching duty, so I tag along for a bit with them before breaking off to do my own thing. We started at Molotov on W. 6th St.

As a side note, it never ceases to amaze me how hard and quickly Steve (El Topo) hooks. He did a seated two set as a demo, and within a minute or two they are all over him. It’s really unreal. I used to think it was just superpowers, but it’s something that I’ve been specifically working on since doing my program with him and learning how he does it, and I’ve started to see flashes of those results. Last weekend (the weekend after Austin), for example, I met a really awesome girl (super cute, works in investment banking, similar sense of humor and music tastes) for 10 minutes early in the night, and while I didn’t think it was going very well, she told me to take her number, and I sort of realized at that point that I was just misreading her. After I took her number, I made sure she had mine and told her to text me later and let me know where she is. She must have known what that meant because she ended up texting me at 3:10am. Granted, I didn’t check it until about 4:30, but I’ve hung out with her since then and it’s pretty fucking on.

Anyway, Molotov was a pretty cool place, definitely the type of place I would regularly hit up if I lived there, although the crowd was maybe a little older on average than I’d like. We end up bouncing around a bit at which point I basically decide that it’s time for me to go solo. I head back to Molotov and start doing my thing. I walk in, stop, gaze the room for a minute, then proceed upstairs. Right as I get up there, the Cupid Shuffle comes on, and so I try to organize people to get it going but no one’s playing along. So fuck them, I start doing the Cupid Shuffle myself. People start joining me, and by the end of the song I’m leading a group of maybe 20 people dancing in unison. Of course, while this is going on, I’m deciding who I’m going to approach and how.

The song ends, and I see a super hottie, at least a 9 (call her HBNurse), with a friend. I go in, grab her and open direct, exchange names, meet her friend, and mini-isolate her. It’s pretty on. We’re talking, she asks me where my drink is, I tell her I haven’t gotten one yet and she should buy me one. She laughs and says that I should be the one offering to buy her one. I explain to her that I’m awesome and don’t need to pay for women’s attention so I don’t do that, and I think it’s kind of weird that women are okay with guys buying them drinks and that I can’t imagine a confident and independent woman letting a random guy she doesn’t know buy her a drink.

We talk for a while, she decides we should go get drinks, so I use my get waited on first at a crowded bar tactic and order both of our drinks. Without asking she hands me the money for her drink, and all is well. We go sit down, I’m feeling pretty good about the whole situation. At some point she decides she’s going to Rodeo because she knows a bartender who can get her in. I ask her if she can get me in and she says yes. Fuck Up #1, I left my drink Upstairs. We go downstairs with her friend and they tell me that they’re going to finish their drinks and go. Since I left my drink upstairs, they encourage me to go up and get it. It seems like they’re stalling for a way to get rid of me, meaning I either totally misread her interest or more likely she isn’t that confident about being able to get me in, so I tell her that I’m going to go get my drink, and as I’m walking up the stairs I see them whisper to each other and basically run out the door. I take out my phone and text her saying that I’m going to stay there for a while and go ahead without me, but I had already invited her to party at the house so I figure I’d try to text her after everything closes and see if I can make it happen.

There are a couple of things that are important here. First, I number closed her early on in the set in case shit happens later and give her a logistical reason to hang out. Second, I rid her of the guilt of ditching me by excusing her. If she had just ditched me without me making that excuse for her, she’d probably feel too guilty about it to talk to me again because women are very sensitive to social pressure. When I get a text back from her saying “Okay!” as a response to my I’m going to stick around Molotov text, I decide that it’s probably still on.

I grab my beer upstairs and go back down. One of the guys from the lair talk earlier comes up to me and starts talking to me trying to give me advice on my body language with HBNurse. He was going to tell me that my body language was too needy, but what he doesn’t get is that it was on and we were stomach to stomach with my hands pulling her into my dick at the hips. This is a major pet peeve, and so I overreacted, so John if you’re reading this, again I’m sorry about what I said. It was kind of douchey of me to tell you that I don’t need your advice because I’m probably a lot better than you. I decide to prove to John that going direct with aggressive body language actually works really well and probably better than his indirect bullshit, so I tell him to come wing. I see this two set at the bar, one girl is really cute and the other isn’t, but I open the cute one direct, introduce myself, get her name, introduce John to her and then her friend, and then backturn John and the friend to game the cutie. I start talking to HBVeterinarian, things seem like they’re going well, so screen for logistics to try to get her to our “afterparty.” It’s a no go, and me asking her what she’s up to later reminds her that she was in the middle of closing out her tab and leaving, but I number close her in like 5 minutes in front of this guy and tell her we should hang out later.

I go back to John and apologize to him for being such a dick, then head out to meet Steve and his student. We head over to Katz’s Diner for some food, when I get a text from HBNurse saying that she just left Rodeo and is outside. Fuck Up#2: I text her telling her to come to Katz’s and meet me. Right after I do it, Steve tells me that CJ would never do that, he would run out and get her, controlling the logistics. I decide that is enough of a reason to do it, and I go back to Rodeo, but there’s a big crowd and I get lazy so decide fuck it she’s contacted me once and she’ll do it again.

Cut to an hour later, we’re in the car going back and she texts me asking where the party is. She had gone to a gay bar after closing time or something and was just leaving. Alright great, I ask her if she has a GPS, she does, so I give her the address. Fuck Up #3: Having a conscience about bending the truth. We continue texting, and I feel a little bad about her expecting a party when there’s really nothing going on, so I basically try to switch strategies. My strategy is now, the party is dying, but come over so we can fuck. I start textcalating, but it doesn’t happen.

I guess my end game logistics still need some work.

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