NFL Betting: Final Stop on the Road to the Big Dance

Wow did I luck out last week. Picking the Giants was obviously a mistake, as Eli clearly needed his self mutilating receiver to carry the offense in the playoffs. I did luck out on the over/under though, and wound up pushing that bet. I don’t fully understand why you get a push if you push one and lose the other, I would think that the loss should really trump the push, at least that’s how I’d set it up. Anyway, it’s the second time it has happened to me this season, so I was ready for it. My other two bets were money, although the Ravens definitely gave me a scare. I came out $80 up.

It’s a shame that the Giants and Eagles had to face eachother last week instead of in the NFC Championship game, because I firmly believe that the NFC East had the four best teams in the NFL (Giants, Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins), but with that game settled I really think that the Eagles are going to win their first Superbowl. I also think that the Ravens will beat the Steelers, although Flacco has to stop throwing into double coverage because that shit isn’t going to fly against Pittsburg. Anyway, here are my surefire picks:

$55 6  Point Teaser – Ravens over Steelers (+12), Ravens/Steelers Over 28. I think it will be a low scoring 17/14 game. I’m not sure who will win, but I think that a 12 point advantage is covering my bases here.

$55 6 Point Teaser – Eagles over Cardinals (+1.5). Eagles/Cardinals over 41. This game should be a shootout, although I think that Philly’s defense is substantially better than that of Arizona, and this game won’t be very close.


Free Sports Betting

Found via Thrillist: Free betting site deposits $0.10 into your account upon sign up (from advertising dollars), and allows you to bet for free with the possibility of real cash outs. I just heard about it today so I haven’t tried it out, but I definitely will this weekend. It is my understanding that the top payout thus far has been over $1000, so I suppose if you know what you’re doing you can make a killing.

NFL Week 7 Betting

I missed betting last week because of some gambling website issues. As I had mentioned before, Oddsmaker was having bandwidth issue which were really irritating me. They claim to be updagrading their site, but I don’t have the time for that. Also, Bodog, which I’ve switched to, has substantially more betting options, including live betting, which I might try out tomorrow. I am not in love with the betting interface, but if you are looking to get in on some action, I definitely recommend checking out

The issues I was having were associated with getting my money into Bodog’s site. Most credit cards do not play well with gambling sites, and while I was able to use my check card to deposit money into Oddsmaker after none of my credit cards worked, this did not work with bodog. I ended up having to create an eWalletXpress account and transfering the money in that way. Unfortunately, it took a week for my checking account info to get verified, but now that it is I have smooth sailing from here on out.

Oddsmaker charged me $25 for taking my money out, which makes me want to hit them. They allow you to make 1 free withdrawl per month of $1000 or more, but since that didn’t apply in this scenario I had to pay. I would have been really upset about it if I hadn’t been leaving them up $120 or so. Bodog also charges, but they give you 1 free withdrawl per month with no cap on the amount.

It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t bet last week considering what happened in the games. There’s a good chance I would have gone broke with all the upsets. This has been an incredibly interesting season so far and it seems to get moreso every week.

Anyway, here are my bets for the week:

$55 Browns/Redskins over 42

$55 Saints/Panthers over 45

$55 Chargers over Bills (made me sad to do since the Bills are my team)

$50 Parlay This is a bet that was not available on Oddsmaker. It’s a straight Parlay which pays out +250.

Ravens over Dolphins+3

Jets/Raiders over 41

$55 6 point Teaser

Jets over Raiders +3

Colts over Packers +3.5

NFL Week 5 Betting

Alright guys, I’m hurting big time from last week, so lets see how well I recover. I feel much better about my bets this week, although I’m in major jeopardy of dipping below my initial investment of $330. I am very excited to have an opportunity to feel really good about putting my money on the Bills, the only real New York team! Just so we’re clear, as usual I will probably make a couple more over/under bets as the games approach, but for now these are my bets:

$110 Bills over Arizona 0 spread -110 odds. Is this a joke? The 2-2 Cardinals facing off against my 4-0 Bills and they aren’t even being given points? I was offended when I saw this spread. So offended in fact, that I decided that I need to take full advantage of it. Granted the Bills have, with the exception of Jacksonville, only beaten bunk teams. But the Cardinals have only beaten bad teams as well, and they got pounded by a mediocre Jets team!

$55 Ravens over Titans 0 spread at +220 odds. I don’t know why the bookies seem to think that the Ravens are going to lose this game after coming off a huge win over Pittsburg, but for some reason they are making the Titans a favorite, which to me is absolute nonsense when the Ravens are probably the best team in the AFC.

Parlay $55, got to love that 6 point tease:

Eagles over Redskins, 0 spread.

Chargers over Dolphins, 0.5 spread.

NFL Week 4: Bets

I’ve been successful thus far placing my bets, winning about $110 last week and $160 the week before. Despite my success, however, I felt a little slighted last week with the Colts losing and turning in the last minute after taking the lead with a minute and a half, robbing me of $210.  Lets see if I can do any better this week.

In addition to betting the NFL this week, I have also put some money down on a couple of college games. College football tends to be quite unpredictable (e.g. USC losing on Thursday), so it’s important to choose carefully when making picks. That said, I also think that there is a lot of room in college football to exploit biases among the sports media and betting fans. Betting on the SEC is my favorite way to do this.

The SEC is head and shoulders above every other conference, but as a result of beating eachother up all the time, they get pounded in the BCS rankings. Also, there is a major Big 10 and PAC 10 media bias as well as a Notre Dame bias which can easily be exploited. Here are my college football picks for the week:

TEASER: $55 Georgia over Alabama -0.5 and Auburn over Tennessee -1.0

Regular Bet: $35 Purdue over Notre Dame with no spread and even odds.

NFL Bets

I don’t feel ultra-confident about very much this week in the way I did last week, so I hope I don’t totally fuck up by betting for the sake of betting. I’ve tried to spread my money across a bunch of games so that I won’t lose too bad. Having said that though, I do feel like all the bets that I’ve placed are good bets that should win.

$55 Jets over Cardinals -1.0

$35 Vikings over Tennessee +3.0 with even odds. The Vikings are due for a win and I think Adrian Peterson is going to have a big game.

Teaser: $55 Jacksonville over Houston -1.0 and Bengals over Cleveland +2.5.

$55 Over 40 on the Eagles vs. Bears

$35 Green Bay over Tampa Bay.

NFL Week 3: Betting Recap

First of all, fuck the Colts. I was so fired up when they scored to go ahead with a minute left in the game, only to be brought back down a peg when jacksonville drove 50 yards and kicked a field goal. How can you, as a defensive back, interfere with a pass on 4th and 1? What a dumb move! 

I had a really good day betting Sunday up until that little Indy mishap. I just slid in under the line with that under bet on the Redskins game, and made a good call on the over bet with the Broncos/Saints. Had Indy one I would have won another $100 because Baltimore wiped the floor with Cleveland. Dallas made Green Bay look pretty bad as well. Good times. Finished Sunday night up $90 (although I would have been up $300 if Indy held on).

I woke up this morning thinking to myself that I was going to try to essentially double down on this game tonight. I can deal with coming away from this week even, but I liked my chances with the upside on the Chargers/Jets. I figured that San Diego’s defense is not very good, so Favre will be slinging. Thus $55 on the over with a line of 44.5 seemed like a good call. And then looking at who each team has beat, San Diego is 0-2 having lost week 1 to the Panthers in week 1 and a heartbreaker last week. In addition, Tomlinson is injured so even if he plays, he probably won’t be 100%. Faced with those facts, I decided to tell the +8.5 to tug it and instead chose the Jets to win straight up at a +425 payout. I only put down $32.25 (I know, random number, I had $532.25 in my account so I figured I’d bet it down to $500), so if my over came through but the Jets didn’t win I’d make a couple of bucks on the game anyway.

Boy was I wrong about the Chargers. They clearly didn’t want to be 0-3. Tomlinson looked as good as ever. The Bolt’s Defense caused a ridiculous amount of turnovers. Favre was slinging alright, but into the opposing team’s hands. Such is life. No biggie, I mean, I still won money on the night. I won $20ish on the night, putting my total for the weekend at $110 or so.

NFL Bets: Week 3

Alright so after a very successful first week of betting, I am all geared up for my second try. I made over $150 last week, very sweet if I must say so myself. Can I repeat? Beginner’s luck? We’ll see, but I’ve got to believe that if I’m picking 2-3 games to bet on in a week I should be able to pick a winner, right? Especially using a 6pt teaser to get rid of unfavorable spreads. Anyway, we’ll see how it pans out. Here are my bets:

Dallas to win: -3.0 point spread, payout is -115, but playing against the packers this is not going to be a close game. The packers are definitely not as good as their record or points total, and Dallas is on a mission.

Parlay with 6 point tease- Colts over Jags. Spread is -5.5 so my tease gives me +0.5. That’s a no brainer. Ravens over Browns. Spread is -2.5 but with the tease I’m getting 3.5 points which I feel pretty good about. The Ravens still have a great defense, and they don’t have a quarterback with a dislocated shoulder like the steelers did last week.

I haven’t had much of a chance to right on this blog because I have been on a business trip, but at some point over the next couple of days I will definitely get to new awesome posts.