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Since this morning when I received my daily email from Thrillist, I have been totally GEEKING OUT! One of the emails was a review of a product called YouMail; a product which I fully expect to change my life forever (or at least until it finds its way into the deadpool).

There are a bunch of uber-awesome features in this FREE service:

1. Custom greetings – You can set a custom greeting for every person on your contact list if you want to. It gives that personal touch to your phone. It also allows you to differentiate business contacts from personal.

2. Visual voicemail on their website – You have an inbox on their website which allows you to look at each voicemail you receive including, who it’s from, and the ability to listen to it in the built in flash player.

3. Email and text notification of messages – No more need to call your voicemail and pull your hair out listening to the menus. The message is emailed to you in mp3 format along with a notification via text message.  You can forward this file as you wish, listen back for phone numbers, skip through as necessary, etc. Having these messages in your email allows you for better organize, which is absolutely essential for anyone trying to serial date or manage multiple relationships.

4. Message Transcriptions (in beta) – Transcriptions are included in the email with if you enable this feature, allowing you to sync with outlook calender and tasks. In addition, you can have the transcription included in the text message (up to four text messages long) for convenience. No more, “if possible, please send me a text rather than leaving a message” in the greeting.

5. Contact Import – This is another feature in beta, but right now it is available for GMail and Yahoo Mail, as well as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Palm Desktop, LinkedIn, and Plaxo

6. Mobile Web – Access to your voicemail on your smart-phone through the mobile version of the site. This feature was, in my mind, one of the killer features on the iPhone, and it has now been one-upped and made available on any smartphone for anyone who wants it. A launch of applications for the various smart-phones might be even better, but the interface is very convenient and user friendly.

Basically I think this is totally awesome, and can make anyone’s phone life easier. I look forward to getting a ridiculous amount of utility from this service for as long as I can. I recommend that everyone try this out, and fall in love with it as I have.

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