Psychological Addiction Through Intermittent Reward

A couple weeks ago I got my hands on an account to BitSeduce and went download crazy. I basically downloaded an entire library of pickup material and stored it on an external hard drive  before getting kicked off for having a poor Upload/Download ratio. It’s kind of bs to me because there was no way that I could have a good download ratio since no one was downloading anything from me, but oh well, I pretty much got everything I could possibly ever want for anyone off of it.

I have no plans on watching, listening to, or reading everything I downloaded, but there definitely have been a few things I’ve been checking out. The programs that I’ve been going through have mainly been focused on relationship management and specifically getting a girlfriend to do the things that you want her to do.

I have quite a bit of experience with relationship management, but up to this point my strategy for getting what I want from a girl is purely based on compliance and denial of attention (e.g. “I understand if you don’t want to have a threesome but I have threesomes in my relationships and if that’s not okay with you then let’s take a break”). I still have a bunch of programs to go through, but so far the one that I really really loved that I would recommend to anyone in a relationship is NathanX’s Relationship Management program. It talks a lot about relationship dynamics and value balances as well as reframing beliefs in order to get what you want out of a girl and “build a better girlfriend” as Mark Cunningham puts it (this is another program on the to watch list).

Getting back into the theoretical side of things a little has given me the motivation to finally dive into Mehow’s “10 Second Sexual Attraction” course which I talked about a while back, having recently gotten my hands on the program through Demonoid. So far, I’m very impressed. I expected 10SSA to be specifically about the mid-game strategy that he has developed from watching Kamoflauge and Hypnotica, but it is really an all encompassing pickup book from what I can tell. Maybe not quite as in depth as something like Magic Bullets, but at least the first part of it gets pretty in depth about lifestyle design, which is probably as important if not more important to the pickup as techniques.

In his book, Mehow brings up a really interesting point about psychological addiction, and how you can use compliments and what he describes as “edge elements” to get a woman addicted to your attention in the same way that a slot machine does through “intermittent reward.” Intermittent reward is a seemingly random system of positive and negative reinforcement which actually causes the subject to want the payout more than if you were to just give consistent positive reinforcement.

I have heard something similar to this once before. I don’t recall where at the moment, but I remember reading or hearing something about how love is chemically addictive in the brain, and the withdrawl from those chemicals are what make breakups so difficult. As I read on in Mehow’s book, I look forward to learning more about how to specifically cultivate this addiction, but in the meantime I think that being conscious of this process can really help with your game.

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